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Not every teenager has the benefit of growing up in a loving, happy home. Some are victims of abuse, neglect, a system that shuffles them from foster home to foster home. Brook Haven Ranch was established in 1995 as a refuge for abused and neglected horses -- and teenagers who needed a second chance in life and the opportunity to become something more than society expects of them.
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 all these things that i've done, 17 / WRANGLERS / SHAWN MENDES
evan miller
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Evan Miller
TW: teenage pregnancy, drinking/smoking during pregnancy, fetal alcohol effects, death of grandparent, child neglect, learning disability, failed adoption, foster care, physical punishment, self-harm, aggression towards people, aggression towards animals (with a written description of how it was done), violence, runaway, juvie, breaking and entering


Full Name: Evan Alexander Miller
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Date of Birth: April 6th 2000
Current Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
User Group: Wrangler
Sub-Group: Student


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195lbs
Distinctive Features: A prominent chin cleft and angular jaw are two of his striking features. A less noticeable, but distinctive feature is a slightly lazy left eye. This was more observable in his earlier childhood however was treated by an ophthalmologist. Now it only slightly drifts off the mid-line, and gets progressively worse the more tired he is. He can also control this eye to make it more lazy to display his boredom, like a person would when they cross their eyes.
Scars or Marks: The first noticeable scar is a small faded one on his left cheek he received after failing to duck in time to avoid a trophy meant for his head. While presently without fresh bruises it is not uncommon to find him with a blackened eye, cracked nose, bruises to his chest and shoulders, and evidence of recent physical fighting. Secretly he also has a collection of small self-inflicted scars to his left ankle - a tally of all the foster homes that he has been in - and another small collection of thin scars to his upper thighs.
Tattoos or Piercings N/A
Face Claim: Shawn Mendes


Likes: Gym class, working out, playing most sports and especially baseball, swimming, an adrenaline rush for any reason, climbing trees, sleeping in, eating, barbecues, fatty junk food, citrus fruits, dessert, summertime, warm (not hot) weather, the feeling of sun on his skin, cute girls, brunette girls who won't snap at him, nurturing women, patient people, being alone, cooling his nerves in the shower, animals, playing with dogs, playing with children, fantasy stories, Harry Potter, Scrubs the tv show.
Dislikes: Being talked down to, being disrespected, being antagonized, when adults pretend to trust him, his lisp, when people comment on his lisp, feeling out of control, being angry, the moment after exhausting his anger that he realizes what he's done, the guilt that follows an explosive attack, authority figures, what he views as arbitrary rules, school, when his teachers assign anything orally and not written, assignments, homework, sitting still, how the adderall makes him feel, being forced to do anything, when people try to get under his skin, carbonated drinks, raw vegetables, hunger.
Strengths: Assertive, energetic, physical strength, athletic, self-reliant, playful, honest, curious, persistent, strong-willed, loyal to those he trusts, affectionate, good singing voice (though he doesn't know this yet)
Weaknesses: Possessive (of people and things), explosive, reactive, impulsive, unpredictable, private, tactless, impatient, scatter-brained, risk-taker, poor grades, unmotivated, disorganized
Fears: Aging out of the system and becoming homeless, going to prison, abandonment, new foster families, himself at times. His biggest fear is hurting someone so bad that they can't recover; his rage has gotten to that point before, and he took it out on an animal that succumbed to its injuries. He doesn't want to think about how easily it could've been another child in the home, and how he could be in actual prison because of it.
Vices: Picking fights
Aspirations: Evan likes to say his greatest aspiration is to find his biological parents and spit on them. His true aspirations are to love someone and be loved, to stop being so angry, and for someone to give him a chance. He wants to be self-sufficient and independent, and be successful in his chosen career.


Divergence: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, an auditory processing learning disability, undiagnosed moderate depression from life circumstances
Risk Factors: Fetal Alcohol Exposure, childhood neglect, foster care after death of a primary caregiver, repeated abandonment by foster carers, inconsistent punishment by foster carers.
Likely Triggers: Authoritative figures talking down to him, being disrespected, being given punishment without sufficient explanation. With the Intermittent Explosive Disorder sometimes the inopportune scuff of a shoe is enough to set off his rage.
Current Treatment: Prescribed adderall (10mg twice a day) for ADHD that he routinely 'forgets' to take. Also in court-mandated anger management classes.

Brook Haven Referral

Referred by: John Parks (assigned caseworker) from the Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility
Referred for: After a second judicially ordered readmit for running away from his foster family and breaking and entering in two years, Mr. Parks felt their program was incapable of adequately preparing him for a successful release back into the community. Mr. Parks feared that once Evan turned eighteen he would react grossly out of proportion to a situation and physically assault someone.
Problem Areas: Evan's program at Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility was dual-focused on working on his anger management and trying to return his education to grade level. He lashes out verbally and physically and picks fights when provoked.


Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Significant Other: N/A


Career/Occupation: Student
Education: Going into his Junior year (held back a year).
Dream Job: Undecided. He would like a job that isn't behind a desk.
Home Town: Charleston, West Virginia
Religion: Atheist

Equestrian Life

Preferred Riding Style: English
Disciplines: Yet to be determined.
Riding Strengths: Natural aptitude for working with his horse. Good relationship with the horse.
Riding Weaknesses: Has never physically been on a horse.

The Millers

Evan Miller was a mistake; a poor decision made by a troubled thirteen-year-old girl. He was not her first mistake – that had been when she forgot to remove the needle from her arm between classes and gotten herself expelled. And he was not her last mistake; that had been the continued heavy drinking throughout her whole pregnancy up until just hours before he was born.

Evan was not taken home by his mother, but by his great-grandmother, Judy. A woman in her mid-70s plagued with obscene amounts of guilt for granting her daughter the freedom to also have a child in her teenage years. She meant well taking Evan into her care but she simply hadn’t the energy to raise a child, let alone one who immediately contended with the tell-tale behavioural issues of Fetal Alcohol Exposure. She was unintentionally neglectful; she could not raise him and a sibling who arrived two years later proper social etiquette and boundaries. She let them run amok and do as they pleased because that had to be better than the system. Judy felt the kids were best with the family and wouldn’t give them up to social services until she fell into a hepatic coma from decades of alcoholism.

The Smiths

At the age of three Evan and his sibling ended up in their first foster home. Headed by Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the married couple had always desired children but much to their dismay were incapable of having their own. In signing on to be foster parents they had intended to find a pair of young siblings and have a foster-to-adopt situation.

It was an incredible home for Evan and his sibling. The Smith’s were well-off and far more attentive than Judy had ever been. They immediately set to work in trying to reverse the deplorable social habits the pair had picked up. A few weeks of tender love turned his sibling into the perfect child they dreamed they could have. But it didn’t help Evan. Evan had ADHD and seemed incapable of listening to his new parents. They gave him simple commands and he would do the opposite, seemingly out of spite, and his energy wore them down and made them miserable. After working with him nearly a year with no improvements they came to a depressing realization: they loved their child; they hadn’t been able to bond with Evan and they didn’t love him. And the longer Evan stayed near his sibling, the more his behaviour negatively influenced their child.

They made the painful decision to adopt his sibling and give Evan back to the foster system.

The Petersons

At nearly four-years-old, Evan next went to live with the Peterson’s, a seemingly caring family who had opened their home and hearts to a further five foster children. Their home lacked the warmth of the Smiths. While the Smiths tried to make him feel like part of a family, Evan was taught from day one that he was not their child, he was nothing but a monthly cheque in the mail. But at four that didn’t matter. He missed his own biological sibling but soon learned to love his new foster siblings.

Evan stayed with the Peterson’s for nearly four years. He didn’t fit the mold of the quiet, obedient child that the family needed to be. He was loud and always getting into mischief and he had serious problems in school. He was diagnosed as having an auditory processing disorder that made it difficult for him to understand verbal commands, and he was diagnosed formally with ADHD that made it difficult for him to sit for extended periods of time in the classroom. He had poor grades and an even poorer attitude. Evan found classes especially boring and would refuse to come inside from recess, forcing his foster carers to come pick him up.

Eventually enough was enough. The Petersons were sick of having a child with such blatant personality issues and the cheque they received was not worth it. They called up Family Services and had him transferred to another family at the age of eight.

The Shuffle

Evan didn’t know what he had done wrong. He hadn’t liked his parents but he loved his siblings. It hurt like hell to be ripped from the family and thrown into another. He didn’t want to get close to anyone ever again; it hurt too much when they gave him up with no reason. And so he fought with his new families. First he was sent to live in Milwaukee with the Adams for two years – they gave him up for pushing their own child into a glass table. Next he was sent to live with the Khans in Cedar Rapids for another further year- they gave him up when he failed fifth grade and needed to repeat it. Then it was the Livingstones in Minneapolis for six months, the Graysons in Omaha for eight months, and the Cattermoles in Rapid City for five months. Each home tried to get him to follow their rules and punished him harshly when he disobeyed. Evan in turn lashed out at them, sometimes with physical violence. As soon as it became apparent that he was a problem child his foster family would send him back.

By the time he was fourteen Evan was completely lost. He’d been in as many foster homes as he had years of life, and each stay was getting progressively shorter. He couldn’t stand his new families, and it was clear they couldn’t stand him. His temper started exploding into wild uncontrollable fits of rage that scared his families for the most little of provocations – the sliding door didn’t have enough grease so he flipped the dining table over. His new mother wouldn’t fucking shut up about her sister so he broke his knuckles punching a tree. Evan also started self-harming, using a scalpel he’d found in one of the garages. He kept a tally of foster homes he’d lived in on his ankle, and cut his leg to feel something other than anger.

The Scotts

Evan had given up. He had known deep down that he’d never be adopted and at the age of fourteen it seemed that he was destined to be passed around until he finally aged out of the system. That was until he got assigned the Scotts in Bozeman. For the first time in ages he felt like he was truly in a home. They had taken the effort in trying to get to know him and got him involved in local sports when they discovered his affinity for baseball. They were sympathetic to his downfalls and tried their damnedest to fix his issues. Evan in turn tried to show his appreciation through acts of gratitude. He took it upon himself to fix their shed that had been damaged the previous winter and was determined to get the grades he felt they wanted him to get.

And for just over a year the Scotts were an idealistic family for him. Up until the day they destroyed his backpack. Evan had dealt with bullies his entire childhood – they made fun of his second-hand clothing, his lisp, how stupid he was for struggling in even the most simplest of subjects. Evan had always simply threatened them with a violent act and sometimes a swift punch to the gut, and that typically stopped the bullies in their tracks. That day however he had returned to his locker to find his backpack his parents had gotten him shredded. A present he’d received for working hard completely torn up for no reason. He punched the locker with as much strength as he had, an event that would normally quell his fury, and it didn’t help. He pinned one of the assholes who undoubtedly was involved in the destruction against a locker and kneed him in the crotch. Seeing the kid gasping for air and doubled over in pain after he realized his grip didn’t help either. Seething and physically shaking in rage Evan left the school in the middle of the day and returned home. He sliced his inner thighs with his scalpel repeatedly, not feeling any of the relief he expected and desperately needed.

And then he heard a meow.

TW IN THIS PARAGRAPH – VIVID DESCRIPTION OF ANIMAL ABUSE. The Scotts family cat was seated in the doorframe looking up at him. And Evan released every ounce of anger that he had on that poor cat, slamming it repeatedly into the walls, and smashing its head into the tiles of the floor until it stopped fighting back and went limp. It wasn’t until the anger subsided and the relief faded that Evan was overwhelmed with guilt. The same question burned repeatedly in his mind: What if the Scotts’ five year old son had stood in that doorframe and not a cat? Would he have been able to stop himself from hurting a child in the cat’s place?

The guilt consumed Evan and he called the police to have himself taken away. He couldn’t trust himself to be alone with the Scotts any longer. And they couldn’t trust him to be around their son. They dropped a night bag of his few belongings at the station and left him there.

After living in a group home for a month Evan was eventually placed in the Hills family - a single dad with four foster children approximately his age. Evan knew exactly what he was getting into with the Hills – he was nothing more than a source of income. He would never again be anything more than that. He missed the Scotts so damned much. He missed having a little brother to talk to at night. He missed having parents that cared enough to remind him of his bedtime. In an impulsive wreck Evan ran away from the Hills and back to the Scotts family. He pleaded with them through a closed door for a second chance. When they refused to let him in and threatened to call the police, the unyielding, irrevocable anger returned and he smashed through their front window. Evan climbed through the window and into their front room. His anger faded as soon as he saw them huddled together, terrified of what he might do to them. With his anger subsided to pure guilt Evan again called for the police and let himself get arrested.

The Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility

A few days after that incident he was placed into the Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility; the only long-term state operated facility for adjudicated male young offenders committed by the District Youth Courts. Evan came into the facility initially with a diagnosis of conduct disorder but was quickly rediagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and intermittent explosive disorder. Evan worked through an eight month program at the facility developed around controlling his anger and trying to get him back to grade level in his education. Evan had felt good about his progress in the program and was elated to be released to a new foster family and return to a normal school. He didn’t last two weeks before he punched and broke his carer’s nose.

Evan returned to the correctional facility, this time to work through a six month program focused on working on getting his intermittent explosive disorder under control. But by that point he had given up. Evan no longer thought he was a kid handed a bad start in life and that with the right people he could flourish. He was a monster. A subhuman animal that was capable of nothing but causing pain and destruction to whoever happened to cross his path. He had never put much thought into what he would be when he grew up but he now knew what his future held. He’d eventually graduate the program. And be sent to a foster home. And kill someone better than him in an uncontrollable fit of rage. He was destined to spend the remainder of his life in prison and the best he could hope for was that he would pick a fight with the wrong person and they would stab a shank into his heart.

When he graduated from the program a second time and was released to a new foster home just three weeks after his seventeenth birthday he knew what he had to do. If by some miracle he avoided prison he was eventually going to be homeless in less than a year when he aged out of the system, he might as well be warm in the alleyway he called home. Evan stole every last dollar he could find in his foster carer’s wallets a few hours after meeting them and proceeded to run away and buy a bus ticket to Fresno, California.

Evan never made it to the bus. He was arrested at a convenience store a few blocks from the bus terminal using the remainder of what he’d stolen on food. He was returned to Pine Hills Correctional Facility for a third time, belligerent and physically aggressive towards anyone who got within reach of his fists.

When Evan finally calmed down he was brought to one of the caseworkers who worked at the facility, Mr. John Parks. The man explained to him that there wasn’t another program at the facility for him to work through, and that they needed to try a different strategy. Mr. Parks explained that he would be going instead to Brook Haven, a ranch for troubled teens like himself with serious emotional and behavioural problems that hadn’t found success in a different setting.

And so Evan has been sent to Brook Haven, being given one last shot to turn his life around else risk becoming everything he fears.

Gratitude and freedom

Evan isn’t sure what good thing he did to deserve being sent to Brook Haven but he is incredibly grateful for being at the ranch. In the few weeks he’s been at the ranch he’s been treated better than he can remember at any point in his life. Evan has been presented a brand new, not used, wardrobe for no reason he can discern, he’s been given more freedom than he’s had for a few years, and most of all he’s been treated as a person and not some savage animal. As far as he’s read into the program all of the punishments and rules seem reasonable for the benefits he’s already received. He wants desperately to physically show his appreciation to whomever sponsored him at the ranch and has made a big point of expressing his gratitude to the owners of the ranch through letters that he isn’t sure they received.

He is also keenly aware that he has been given a Hail Mary; a final opportunity to make a change and become a better man. He recognizes that this is likely going to be the last shot he takes before he legally becomes an adult and needs to make it on his own in the world, and the very last chance he has to get his anger under control. The fear of blowing up and physically assaulting someone, or worse killing them, is a real possibility in his future if he is incapable of changing, and in less than a year that means being sent to prison for a lifetime sentence. He doesn’t want that to happen, and he is strongly motivated to make the changes needed to prevent it from happening.

One, Boom

While he’s learned techniques at the correctional facility to get his oppositional defiance disorder to a level that Evan can feel he can control, he is still largely at the mercy of his intermittent explosive disorder. He still explodes into an uncontrollable rage without reasonable provocation, threatens extreme violence, and will physically lash out with those in closest proximity without discrimination. When he was younger and smaller it was not as big of an issue, but Evan is effectively a grown man now. He’s capable of killing a person if he were to be within reach of a strong enough blunt object, and that is a thought that terrifies him. While the correctional facility was unable to lessen the number of attacks that happen, it helped Evan at least be able to recognize that it will happen shortly. After a year of counselling with a professional he now is able to provide a single verbal warning to someone else if they’re exasperating the situation in some small manner before he blows his top. He is still actively working on changing his thought processes that lead to the anger, but getting people away from him when it happens means at least the physical damage is largely to himself and whatever unfortunate inanimate object is nearest.

Respect is earned

Just because you are an adult does not automatically grant you respect from Evan. To him respect needs to be earned through actions and not perceived experience. Evan will not grant any respect to an authority figure unless they prove to him they deserve it in some matter, and his leaders specifically need to earn some before they can expect him to do anything they ask that is outside the Brook Haven handbook. Chores that he’s assigned? He'll do them as long as they’re assigned to everyone and they are needed to help the ranch function. A punishment for lashing out at someone? He might not be happy when he receives it, but he’ll do the chore without a further fuss after he's cooled down. A group punishment because a fellow Wrangler has broken the rules? You should expect him to not begin to help. Being told to do something ‘because they said so’? Expect a wad of spit in your face. He will argue about punishments he feel are arbitrary or unjust, and will absolutely refuse to do it out of principle regardless of further punishments.

About Evan

Evan has been cycling between foster homes since he was three years old and the adoption plans a family had for him fell apart. The family withdrew on the process of adopting him after they failed to create a positive connection with him. It was never an issue of Evan bonding with them; they couldn’t form a bond with a child that quickly mentally wore them down, was seemingly resistant to all their parenting techniques, and had difficulties in school. It confused him the first time, but then it started hurting like hell to be tossed aside again and again by new foster families took him. Evan never knew what he did wrong to lose his potential adopters, or why his next few foster families gave up on him so quickly. What he did know was that he didn’t want to be devastated in the same way over and over again. Instead of trying to fix what it was about himself that pushed people away Evan started lashing out at his new families. If they weren’t going to give him away without a sufficient reason then why should he care what they had to say? Oppositional Defiant Disorder eventually grew into Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and one particularly violent event eventually landed him in a boy’s correctional facility.

Evan struggles heavily with his anger. While he’s seen some success in treating the oppositional defiant disorder, he has made little headway on fixing the intermittent explosive disorder. As a result everyone on the ranch will likely see him wail on someone for no discernable reason at some point. With a sour expression on his face and the tough guy attitude, most people have learned to avoid him. That suits him just fine. In fact Evan prefers that people avoid him; it means he can’t hurt anyone.


I don’t anticipate him to have many friends, if any at all. Evan is a hard person to befriend. He doesn’t typically initiate conversation and has a tough time socializing on age-appropriate topics. Because of this the other person needs to reach out to him first, and because he comes across as purposely intimidating most people won’t. What someone finds when they do befriend him is a peculiar person. Evan isn’t a person who has a core group of friends he does a variety of things with. Instead he has a small collection of friends, each with their own specific purpose. Some of his friends share a common hobby, like playing on the same team in baseball, but Evan limits their friendship to that sport only. He fails to see how they could have other overlapping interests and prefers to seek out other people for his other hobbies. This has resulted in being ‘friends’ with a great variety of people, but not being very close to anyone.

Evan isn’t exactly a good friend to have either. He wears low-energy people down easily with his own boundless energy and is selfish in all of his relationships. If he doesn’t want to be doing whatever his friend wants to do he’ll first try to convince the friend to partake in his activity instead or he’ll just go ahead and do what he wants alone. He rarely thinks of something from another person’s perspective and is not well-versed in compromise.

What you can expect if Evan is a close friend is not for him to open up to you. He is an incredibly private person and doesn’t talk about his foster homes or what lead him to Brook Haven unless it’s a brief mention in passing. Nor does he expect for you to share your inner-most thoughts and secrets with him. Instead you can expect him to be vehemently loyal to you. You can expect him to unconditionally fight for you no matter the circumstances and not expect the same level of loyalty in return. He can be a shoulder to cry on but don’t expect him to provide any advice on the situation. He’ll listen, probably zone out for some time if you’ve been talking too long, and then answer ‘That thucks.’


TW: Coercion, anger about consent being withdrawn, violence

While he is very interested in pursuing a girl Evan is terrified of hurting them. He has far less experience with girls his own age as he’s been at a Boy’s Correctional Facility for most of his teenage life, and is incapable of finding common interests between them. To top it off he does hold some sexist views – to him women are fragile. If he hit a girl she might never recover. Needless to say he is a virgin who has never had a romantic hug, let alone gotten as far as kissing a girl.

What he is attracted to is simple – female. He would definitely want a cis-female, but he doesn’t know what that means – trans isn’t something he has been taught about, nor would he understand when its explained. Unless you’re unhygienic or awful to him he isn’t picky about appearance and can find something he finds attractive in any girl. He does have a preference for bigger girls because he is less afraid of snapping them in half.

Like with his friendships Evan would be selfish in a relationship. However what he wants in a physical relationship isn’t as alien to a girl as how he likes his friendships. Evan has been starved for physical affection most of his life and at the moment is more interested in showing how his attraction and how he cares with kisses and caressing than actual penetrative sex.

The problem with pursuing Evan as a partner is of course how capricious he is and how quickly he can turn when he’s not getting what he wants. This can be a problem if the girl withdraws her consent. He can turn violent in an instant and try to coerce someone beyond what they’ve comfortable with giving. Because of this I will not be reaching out for romantic plots for Evan. I am 100% down to playing anything within site and legal boundaries when it comes to this including but not inclusively: physical violence, emotional violence, shaming, coercion, sexual frustration, withdrawal of consent. So really I'm down to play with any of those if anyone wants!


This is a far more likely category for everyone to be in with Evan. He’s impatient, competitive, a bad loser, and loses his temper easily. He’s also extremely reactive and confrontational if he feels like he’s being treated unfairly.

One thing Evan is not is a bully. He reacts poorly to what he is exposed to and indiscriminately lashes out at whoever is nearest. He doesn’t target anyone specifically or try to antagonise anyone that isn’t an authority figure. In fact he’s more likely to be the target of a bully. His lisp and background have been common made him an easy victim when he was in school, but now that he’s grown substantially and proved he won’t take shit from anyone.

I’d love to play out a physical fight when he’s in an explosive rage, preferably with someone who will actually fight back.


Leaders/Counsellors: I alluded to this in his key plots but Evan doesn’t automatically respect older people because they have life experience and potential wisdom. He respects everyone the same level and you need to earn his respect through actions he sees. That being said, these are the relationships I anticipate he’ll struggle to not be oppositional about. He’s going to be pissed when you give him chores without sufficient explanation or without any reason at all, and he is going to confront you about it.

Teachers: Evan was held back a grade but still needs a fair bit of help in school if he has any hope of graduating but will not reach out to his teachers to get it. Teachers were actually the first people he’s learned how to not express his oppositional defiance against. He’s learned that they’re simply doing their jobs and for the most part they’re trying to help him. Even still I expect his teachers to have neutral, border-line negative relationships with Evan. He gets poor grades, loses interest in lessons easily, and stands up and sits down in class. He doesn’t seem to be trying in class, but really that’s because he thinks he’s too stupid to do well anyways. Evan will also reach out to teachers for written instructions as opposed to verbal instructions if he’s assigned something, because he has an auditory processing disorder and cannot follow multi-step oral instructions.

First Impressions

”Who shit in his oatmeal?”

The first impression one gets when they are introduced to Evan is a negative one. Evan holds a sour expression when meeting someone new, balls his hands into fists, and speaks in an embittered tone, making you wonder what you could have possibly done wrong so quickly. Evan learned early on that greeting someone with a friendly face and chipper tone meant people would engage in longer conversations with him; now he just wants to be left alone so he throws on a tough guy persona. Holding an angry expression guarantees all introductions are cut short.

”He’s how old?”

It is easy to misjudge Evan’s age based on how he holds himself and his general appearance. For being barely seventeen he’s tall and broad-shouldered, and carries more muscle than you’d expect. He also walks tenaciously with his shoulders squared, with a confident stride that is typical of someone who has his life figured out.

Stranger Impressions

”Evan Miller? He’s dangerous.”

As an extension of making a poor first impression, his first impression is the one that sticks for most people. Why would someone try and reach out to a kid that starts fights without a clear motive and clearly wants nothing to do with you? Their first impressions are solidified as truth when the rumor mill begins to circulate with news of Evan's latest fights. They hear about how he knocked a kid's teeth in with no obvious provocation, or how he rotates between foster homes because of his aggression. And then they avoid him to spare themselves the same fate.

Friendly Impressions

”He’s not so bad once you get to know him.”

Universally true of his friendships is that they all began on negative footing. He purposely makes a poor introduction to avoid conversation but if you can get past that initial barrier he isn’t too bad to be around, at least if you’re around his age. If he hasn't managed to unintentionally destroy the relationship, Evan is easy to converse with and can be likable under the right circumstances. He is best described as a social introvert, a person who enjoys being around people as long as they share a common interest.

"I wish we could do what I wanted to do for once..."

Evan is selfish in his friendships and doesn't necessarily pay attention to what the other person wants. It is difficult for him to recognize this and he will push back until they cave or decide to just let him be. Evan is obstinate and compromise is not something he is well acquainted with. If his friends don't want to do what he's doing, well he's going to do it anyways.

Familiar Impressions

”Oh yeah Evan… Wonder what happened to him,”

His biological mother has not been in contact with Evan since his great-grandmother took him in and is too caught up in her own life to bother trying to figure out what happened to him.

”I couldn’t have him near my children anymore.”

The dozen foster families Evan has lived with all eventually come to the same realization – having Evan around was harder work than the worth of the meager cheque the foster system provided. He has verbally and physically lashed out at each of his foster parents and scared their children. The final straw has always been an act of violence without suitable justification - the destruction of personal property or a verbal threat that raised the hairs on the back of their necks. They all realized the potential for permanent damage and threw in the towel before it got to that point.

Rival Impressions

”I don’t like him, but he’s good at the sport."

Evan is super competitive when it comes to sports, both against other teams and within his own. As sports are the one thing Evan feels he is good at he won't settle on a loss or being second best on a team. This means even in a friendly game with no award for winning Evan is playing at his best and gets upset when his teammates don't show the same level of commitment. Evan is also a bad loser and lashes out at his team for mistakes and finds a way to make his own mistakes someone else's problem. The only reason his teammates put up with him is because he is good at sports, and one of the key factors contributing to a win.

Enemy Impressions

”Fucker got pissed over nothing!"

Many of his friendships unfortunately eventually fall apart in a fit of inexplicable rage. While Evan has gotten better at providing a warning when he is able to pop it hasn't been enough to stop destroying his friendships. The story is largely the same every time it happens: Evan is already a little agitated about something but keeping his composure intact, some infinitesimal event happens, he gives a quick warning that is ignored as his friend turns to ask what is wrong, and he blows up. Evan's words come out as nonsensical noises or real verbal violent threats and his hands move in to either shove them to the ground or ball up and aim for the face. The first reaction to his anger is typically shock, as they cannot piece together why he suddenly turned on them. The second is a growing fury as they pick themselves off the floor. And then they cut ties with him because being his friend isn't worth the hassle.

”I was just baiting him! I didn’t expect him to go that far!”

Friendly bantering and competition is not something that Evan understands or knows how to react to without a strong negative reaction. Being teased is never taken positively, even if it is done in good-humour, and Evan reacts with a swift punch to get them to stop.

Authority Impressions

”Please tell me Miller wasn’t held back. I don’t want him in my class again.”

His teacher's impressions of Evan have never been positive. They know coming straight out of the gate that he'll be reactive, antagonistic, and do precisely nothing of what they ask him to do. He also doesn't follow classroom rules like staying seated during lessons and requesting the bathroom pass when he leaves the room. There have been more than a few teachers that have purposefully given him better grades than he deserves to get him out of their hair.

”I tried to give him a chance and he pissed all over it.“

A few of his foster parents have recognized how Evan hates feeling out of control and angry all the time and they attempt to be understanding and talk level with him. Evan in turn thinks that they're talking down to him like he's an a young child, and that they aren't granting a level of respect that he deserves. That alone is enough to get him to throw something and go out of his way to get a reaction out of them. He instantly becomes argumentative, deliberately begins to break the rules, and becoming blatantly hostile. When they throw him back to the system the carers feel Evan was being spiteful, and Evan feels they were abusing their authority.

Coworker/Partner Impressions

”Aww shit, I’m partnered with Miller?”

The initial reaction is always negative - they don't want to partner with someone who they know gets poor grades and will talk back at the teacher. Evan is notoriously bad in school and his peers know he's a grade behind where he should be - why wouldn't that extend to group projects?

”I had to do the whole project myself because he was useless.”

Evan unfortunately spends most of his time in group projects fiddling with pens while he lets someone else do the work. He knows he's stupid and that contributing would hinder not help. To him its better if he stays at arm's length and sharpens pencils when its needed. Even when he does contribute his peers feel he's purposely being vindictive with the quality of work he produces - full of errors and generally poorly written.

Lover Impressions

”He was more affectionate than I expected.”

Evan is simply terrified of getting upset and hurting a girl, and that would get carried over into how he treats her when they're alone together. To Evan men are strong and can take a punch; women are fragile and he could break them in half if he isn't careful. This has meant he's a virgin who has never hugged a girl in a platonic manner or otherwise in fear of killing them. He's desperate for physical affection, having received so little of it as a child, and is equally happy receiving a hug from a girl he thinks is cute as he would be kissing them.

Evan knows when his words come out wrong when he is around a cute girl and would be more inclined to show his affection than try and verbally communicate it. This means gentle caressing, trails of kisses, and nuzzling their necks instead of penetrative sex, in fear that he might hurt them if he tried to pursue more.


”I’m not good at anything”

Evan has a learned helplessness as a result of his life circumstances and has virtually no self-esteem or self-worth. He doesn't think he's good at anything and his worth in this world will be for some manual labour that no one else is willing to do. He sees himself with no inherent value and incapable of improving anything at all.

”Everyone would be better off if I were dead.”

Evan is a prime example of when you treat a person like an animal long enough they begin to feel like one. He's convinced he's sub-human in some capacity; that he is some out of control animal. He sees the trouble he causes after he's done something and he can't help but think how everyone around him would have a simpler and better life if he weren't here. There isn't any suicidal thoughts yet, but Evan does wonder just what would be lost to anyone if he weren't around.

Post-Mortem Impressions

”He got what he deserved.”

His death would undoubtedly be caused by an outburst that turned ugly, and he wouldn't have a paid funeral. His body wouldn't be claimed by anyone and he'd be buried in an unmarked grave by the state. No one would think that they could've done better for him or feel any guilt what-so-ever. Instead they would feel that his death was a long time coming and that he did it to himself. No tears would be shed and the most common feeling after hearing of his passing would be relief.

Mun Impressions

Evan is a new muse to me. He was originally much tougher in my head, more willing to fight and less of a softie. I think he had me tricked with the tough guy act before I started working on his application. I specifically wanted to stay away from the physical abuse trope as well as severe neglect with him, so I went with FAE, ADHD, and an auditory processing disorder as the true catalysts to who he is today instead. I see him as a cornered abused puppy; quick to bite when help is offered, but slowly come to realize that adults can truly care for him from the goodness of their hearts.

I think he's likely to be successful in obtaining the help he needs to graduate the program and leave this troubled life behind, provided the right people help him learn proper social etiquette.

I'm excited to play him both angry and getting better.







Cool down

Part of his program at the Pine Hill Youth Correctional Facility included learning 'cool-down' techniques whenever Evan felt his blood begin to boil. He does use these techniques when he is able to rationalize the situation and his impulsivity doesn't take over. The first method he employs is clamping his mouth shut, forcing himself to leave the situation, and walking away. If he is successful in getting away he'll also take a cold shower. This does not necessarily cool his anger, but it at least prevents injury to those around him. In the case he is provoked further or he cannot physically leave the situation he'll plug his ears with his fingers, shut his eyes, and count backwards from 50. This is a strategy that Evan hasn't had much success with, as he cannot keep himself fixed in counting backwards long enough to actually cool down. If neither of these techniques work and he is still seething in rage he'll aim his fist for the nearest inanimate object and punch as hard as he can.

Poor Table Manners

An unfortunate side effect of being raised under a great-grandmother who hadn't the energy to chastise her great grandson, followed by a string of foster parents ill-equipped with working with a special needs child, some essential social etiquette has never been properly taught to Evan. The most physically observable of this is a distinct lack of table manners. He doesn't necessarily chew with his mouth shut, he will wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, and he will go as far as to pluck food off of the plate of the person next to him if it looks particularly tasty.

One thing he learned in the correctional facility was to eat as quickly as possible or else risk losing what is on his plate to someone else. Because he is not used to buffet-style meals he'll finish his plate within five minutes, not concealing burps along the way, and then proceed to stare at the plate across from him for the remainder of the meal time, his fork floating as he waits to steal leftovers. Now at Brook Haven he doesn't need to worry about the quantity of food he receives, but he'll still continue some of these poor habits at meal times.

A Slow Start

Like most teenage boys the idea of waking up before 10 am is agonizing to Evan. Even though his schedule at the Correctional Facility was similar to Brook Haven he still hasn't gotten used to waking up at 6 am. Upon being awoken so early he'll groan into his pillow and lay in the comfort that is his bed with his eyes shut for as long as he possibly can before he drags himself out to get changed at the last possible moment. Even after stuffing himself at breakfast he won't be able to shake the residual grogginess and grouchiness until at least 9 am. This has meant he is useless in school until roughly his fourth class of the day, and his grades have suffered as a result. He is also largely confused during this period and generally incapable of conversing.

Time in the Gym

Another habit he picked up in the Correctional Facility is a daily rigorous gym routine. He hasn't had access to strength training reading material and has come up with his own self-taught routine, which is quite frankly abysmal. Instead of training different muscle groups on different days, Evan works out based on what he feels like doing. This has resulted in overly developed arms and abs and underdeveloped shoulders and legs. He typically ends his time at the/gym with cardio and prefers swimming and running. Evan felt that the gym has helped him focus more on other tasks, like chores and schoolwork, and because of this is hesitant to take a recommended rest day. Now that he is at Brook Haven he is a little crestfallen that he's lost access to weight training equipment. He's been trying to come up with a replacement routine involving solely his body weight and is open to constructive criticism from his fellow students.


A Heavy Lisp

One of the first things you notice when you meet Evan is his heavy lisp when he speaks. This is one of the physical manifestations of his auditory processing disorder. He has always had difficulties differentiating S’s from Th’s, especially when they are in the beginning of a word. Because he doesn’t know the difference between S, a soft C, and Th, he has some issues with spelling less familiar words and always pronounces them as a ‘Th’. Evan is not fond of his lisp only because how often those around him bring it up. However when Evan hears himself speak he legitimately doesn’t understand that he’s mispronouncing words. Mentioning his lisp in passing will earn you a snarled ‘Thut Up’ and potential punch to the gut.

Always Starving

In the middle of a growth spurt and being as active as he is, it should not come to anyone’s surprise that he is constantly hungry and always grazing. The sheer amount of food he can put away in a meal is astonishing and he’ll still take a handful of clementines from the mess hall to munch on between meals so his peers do not have to hear him whining about his empty stomach. He also overeats at every meal. In the correctional facility he was given a set plate at every meal and a single snack during the day, regardless of how hungry he was, and would have to gamble with his fellow inmates and occasionally staff members for more food. Now that he gets to eat as much as he fancies he’ll messily eat until he’s in physical pain, pinch leftovers from other people in his group, and then he’ll finish with dessert. This is a quirk that hasn’t caused him much grief yet, given his activity levels, but Evan can easily become obese if he doesn’t get this under control.

Can't Sit For Long

In addition to constantly fidgeting with something Evan cannot sit, let alone sit still, for lengthy periods of time. His teachers over the years originally fought him to sit down during classes but eventually caved when they recognized he became less hostile when given the ability to sit or stand at his will during teaching periods, and if he sat at the far side of a classroom he didn’t disturb anyone else. Evan is a person that would benefit greatly with an adjustable desk so he doesn’t have to hunch over when he stands.

In addition Evan can’t stop moving; If he’s required to stay in the same spot he’ll be twirling a pen, tapping his toes, and flexing various muscles to pass the time. Even during activities like watching television he can’t just watch the show, he needs to be playing with something in his hands. His favourites are a deck of cards and Play-doh

Where Did I Put My...?

Evan is scatter-brained when it comes to remembering where he’s placed important items like keys, his wallet, and his medication. He is incredibly disorganized and it is almost guaranteed that he will forget something when he leaves the cabins in the morning. He’s also got trouble remembering deadlines and appointments, and frequently will use the excuse ‘I forgot’. Most of his teachers have attributed this to laziness and a general apathy for school, but Evan really has trouble with this and needs to build some healthy organization habits to overcome this.

Don't Touch My Things

While he does have trouble keeping track of his personal effects, he despises when anyone touches his things without his permission, and even then he is reluctant to share. This loops back to living in foster care and having few things to call ‘his own’. Touching and moving his things is something he views as completely disrespectful, regardless of circumstances, and is one of the quickest ways to anger him. Evan can also be possessive of important people in his life, namely his friends and doesn’t like sharing them with people he doesn’t know.

Can You Repeat That

Evan’s auditory processing disorder comes with two main problems: he can’t distinguish an S or soft C from a Th, and he has difficulty following oral multi-step instructions. When he is orally given a set of instructions with more than one step he’ll typically ask the person to repeat what they’ve said several times, then say it out loud to himself while he’s working on the task to not forget. When he was younger his carers thought he was purposely being difficult and they grew frustrated with him. They told him to go to his room and clean up the toys and Evan would go to his room and play with his toys, then grow confused when the carers got upset. Now that Evan is older and capable of reading he prefers instructions be provided in a written format. If that isn’t possible Evan’ll ask them to repeat until it sticks and come back frequently to hear it again.


Baseball and other sports

Given his attention, impulsivity, and oral communication issues, Evan has never had an easy time in school. He has needed extra support from his teachers from day one, and even then he has been drastically behind his peers. The one class he has excelled in is gym class. He could visually learn the premise of different sports and exercises and follow the simple instructions barked at him. Gym class and playing sports has truly been the only things Evan has ever felt he is good at. He is used to being called stupid and a nuisance because of his education issues, and a futile waste of breath, money, and effort because of his anger issues. But with sports he can excel, be part of a cohesive team, and contribute without feeling like a hindrance. One sport he has a particular affinity to is baseball. He can play any position on the infield or outfield, but he has a preference for center field. Evan typically plays in the cleanup spot or three-hole in the lineup.

Rock Climbing

Though he has only had the opportunity to go once, Evan loves rock-climbing. The artificial rock wall was both physical challenging for him to climb and exhilarating in a way all other sports paled. Evan knew the harnesses and wedges kept him well-supported and safe, but his cruddy sneakers slipped with every rock as he ascended the wall. The rousing adrenaline that pumped through him because of that feeling of risk associated with the sport was intoxicating and something he desperately wishes to feel again.


As part of a hiking trip in his fifth grade Evan and his class went on a Giga geocaching event, where combination of GPS coordinates and written riddles and clues of landmarks were used to go on a hiking scavenger hunt excursion. Hiking doesn’t normally capture Evan’s attention for very long but hiking in combination with an end-goal, finding hidden treasure, made it far more interesting to him. In one of the caches the group discovered was a collection of ten Yen coins. Evan kept care of his coin through his moves and it remains one of his most prized possessions.


Cooking • Intermediate

A frequent activity Evan had to partake in while in the correctional facility was preparing and cooking meals for the ward. With over a year’s worth of experience Evan is comfortable around a kitchen and can follow instructions from a recipe, provided it is in written format. He is capable of preparing and cooking an edible meal without undercooking or overcooking the food.

Card Tricks • Advanced

Playing with a deck of cards was meant to simply be a way for him to keep his hands busy when working on other tasks but has transformed into a unique skill. Evan was interested in the simple magic tricks he'd seen on television and repeatedly tried to replicate them until he had mastered them. Evan is particularly talented in sleight of hand tricks, pinky breaks, and misdirection.

Fighting • Intermediate/Advanced

The unfortunate side of placing a group of troubled boys together with at times minimal supervision is the propensity of physical fights breaking out. Prior to the Pine Hills Correctional Facility, Evan hadn’t ever been in a true fight. He’d thrown a handful of punches when provoked but he was more prone to throwing objects and destroying possessions in his frustration. Since being in the facility he’s learned to become an adept fighter able to handle his own. With his size and anger Evan is dangerous in a fighting situation and is capable of causing permanent damage.

A Way With Animals • Intermediate

Evan is a person who has always felt that animals make better company than people and surprisingly that bond extends from animal back to Evan. He has a knack for earning the trust of animals, regardless of the animal's condition, without any effort on his part. Evan's ability extends to approaching and caring for animals that have put their trust in few others although he has far less experience.


Working Out

Evan is interested in working out, or more specifically, learning a whole proper body-weight program that he can do in the privacy of the dormitories. Evan felt he was most focused and less scatter-brained when he had access to weight-training equipment and had the ability to physically work out his frustrations. He is hopeful someone in his group already has a routine that he can shape for his own goals, or that there is some reading material in the library on the subject.


Nutrition is a new subject that Evan has gotten interested in after he didn't immediately start seeing the results behind his training regime. He started reading about the complex interrelationships between food, nutrition, health, and body, and grew more interested on the role of micro and macronutrients on his development and how proper nutrition can prevent diseases like certain types of cancer. He hasn't necessarily begun putting his new knowledge to practice, mainly because he's presently enjoying the variety and quantity of food he's presented, but Evan will likely try incorporating this into his life in the future.


An unfortunate part of being undeniably straight in a boys-only correctional facility for most of his puberty has been a severe lack of interaction with girls his own age. The only girls Evan was exposed to in the facility were the sisters of his peers, and even looking at them was strictly off the table unless he wanted a broken nose. Now that he is at Brook Haven he can't help but idealize them and conspicuously admire all the girls whenever he gets the chance. He is also absolutely terrified of talking to them in fear that his anger will rear its ugly head and scare them. Or worse. He doesn't want to think about what he is capable of if a girl sets off his temper. So for now he's content in watching them afar, day-dreaming what a relationship with them would be like, and remembering how they looked when he settles in for bed.

The Zoo

Evan's number one childhood memory is unequivocally a trip to the zoo with his peers in the second grade. He was so captivated and absorbed with learning about all the animals that he couldn't care less about his worn clothing or how his classmates snickered about him behind his back. Evan has been fascinated with exotic animals ever since, and though he hasn't been back to the zoo he would love to go back and read the exhibit and animal descriptions.

Desired Plots

An Unexpected Start

Evan’s motivation in being successful at Brook Haven involves him wanting to improve for himself so that he can hopefully avoid a life-sentence in prison. I can see that motivation faltering and sizzling out when he has to take orders from authority figures so I would like him to develop a second, more powerful, motivator. True to being a Wrangler I’d like for Evan to immediately melt with a horse, but not the one he was meant to be assigned to. Evan has zero experience with horses and so he should’ve been assigned an easy horse to handle. Now I think it’d be more interesting if while he’s being introduced to his horse he forms an instant bond with a more difficult horse that only a few people have been able to work with. I think having a strong bond with his horse is important - he doesn't want to lose the privilege of working with it.

Walk me through this

This is one for a counsellor or leader or other authority figure. Evan isn’t coming to Brook Haven without having done some therapy. He has made some progress in managing his oppositional-defiance anger and frustration, but he isn’t there quite yet. He’s still antagonistic towards people who give him commands without sufficient explanation. I’d like to play out an interaction that is going poorly, but Evan recognizes it and tries to work through his anger without needing to walk away. Really I’d like this to be a positive experience where he doesn’t get further agitated, so I would prefer the other person holds the power but recognizes how hard Evan is trying to not be angry. That person would then proceed to walk him through a cool-down without Evan needing to run off and take a shower. Of course, it could end up negatively, so I’d like the person to also be prepared for a potential power play with an angry and physically and verbally aggressive teenager.

I'm not good at anything

Evan is the product of his circumstances, a kid forgotten amongst a broken foster system. Had he had attentive caring parents he would’ve received the special attention he needed growing up and he might’ve not had all the issues he’s presently straddled with. Instead he’s been told time and time again how all of his anger and stupidity is his own fault without realizing that there might have been a catalyst for it. The constant negativity has not only left him angry but with a poor self-image and even less self-esteem as well as a learned helplessness. He’s working towards fixing his anger but it is easy to overlook this other equally important part of his mental health that he’ll otherwise be left to deal with on his own when he graduates from the program. To date Evan doesn’t recognize his own depression and I think that it’ll be instrumental to him that someone simply points out his negative self-image if he talks about himself. I’d like to flesh this out with a character who isn’t necessarily an authority figure, but I’m not picky.

Why would you want me

With his learned hopelessness Evan doesn’t expect to get adopted. A foster kid less than a year before he ages out of the system with a record, anger problems, and education problems to boot? There are over 400,000 kids in the foster care system that are better than him, so why would someone waste their time and energy on him? I think it’d be interesting if a relationship is built far before Evan even knows what the intention of getting close to him is for. I anticipate a lot of initial animosity, because adults have never treated him well in the beginning so he has reason to be skeptical. I see some power plays that Evan struggles to work through, a lot of heart-to-heart, and both soft and tough love. Send me a PM or DM so we can work out some details on this!

Uncomfortable mealtime

This is a one-off that could be a fun start to a generally uncomfortable relationship. Being at Brook Haven has granted Evan a lot more freedom than he’s used to having over the past few years and none is more exciting to him than the prospect of eating as much as he wants. This has translated to him trying every option available at every meal and eating far past the point that he’s satisfied. He also is lacking in table manners and doesn’t try to hide burps or necessarily close his mouth while chewing. I think this combination would make someone with an eating disorder incredibly uncomfortable and maybe even make them physically ill. I just think it would be a lot of fun to throw them together and see what happens!

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moon yoona
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Yoona was born in Jonchon, North Korea, and she believes it to be the worst place in the world to live. For the first eleven years of her life, she lived under extreme oppression. The North Korean Government, run by Kim Jong-Il at the time of her birth and later Kim Jong-Un, controlled everything. The radio at home could not be turned off. There was only one channel on television. The children performed for tourists to show how happy they were, and the Kims reported that North Korea was the happiest country on earth, after China. She learned early that she was never to speak up, and always to guard her thoughts lest the supreme ruler know she disliked the country of her birth. Her parents, oppressed as they were, weren't affectionate with Yoona, and she never knew what love meant until she made it out of China. Because of this she can be a bit clingy, and she enjoys physical and verbal affection. Her primary love language is acts of service, however, and she goes out of her way to do things for other people. She's artistic, patient, energetic, enthusiastic, and very damaged. Like so many North Koreans, Yoona still relates to her oppressors and believes them to have the best interests of all North Koreans in mind. Yoona's father, Yeseul, escaped with Yoona into China when she was eleven years old. Her mother had been killed for participating in Western culture, and her father ran away with her during the night. They crossed over the Chinese border with help from the underground railroad. A conductor later betrayed them, selling Yoona to a Chinese man for the sum of $500. He had purchased her as a sex slave, and made use of her body every night while she cried. When he became tired of her (as she was no longer a virgin), he sold her again for the grand total of $250 to another man, who would rent her out night after night as a prostitute to white tourists who wanted to experience the joys of a young girl without fear of repercussion. When all is said and done, she is only glad not to have been repatriated, Stockholm Syndrome or not. She was rescued by an undercover conductor, a white man posting as a customer, and taken over the border into Russia, where she arrived at the American Consulate and was later taken to America. A (South) Korean-American social worker worked with her to get a referral to Brook Haven Ranch, where she is now part of the Ridgerunner Group.
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Yoona & Evan
I really do like the idea of them becoming friends with one another over the course of an arc. He's in the age range of the men who abused her, so fear is a certain outcome. It is a bit difficult for me to separate her from Esme when it comes to this, because Esme is in my head threatening to "kick his ass for her." Both are defectors, and both have a SA history. Esme, on the other hand, is more apt to see Evan as one of her people because of his coloring, but she's right there being defensive and telling Yoona to buck up. This isn't Esme's plot though so let me drive back to that. Yoona's means of defense is likely to be avoidance. She wants to stand for herself and tell him "no, don't touch me" but she's afraid of what could happen if she stands up to somebody. The primary fear of course is repatriation to North Korea, which would mean death of a three-generation prison sentence. Which also leads me to a point of interest: She will be curious about his imprisonment, what it was like, and how it differs to the way that some things are handled in North Korea. I think that the fact that he had the courage to do the things that landed him in juvy will also astonish her. They will also frighten her and fascinate her. The big problem is that I can't see Evan chasing after her if she avoids him. He has no reason to chase her down and make her interact with him, and I hate to do that to people anyway. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to get two people into the same space, even if they are naturally avoidant (and neither of them actually are, they're just avoiding one another). So, my first thought is the July event. There's plenty of food going on there and she's experimenting with all of the different foods that she can try to eat. It would be very easy for her to forget herself and for her to literally bump into him, spill food on him, wind up in line behind him to pick up some deliciousness, or something like that. The other alternative is that I had mentioned to Ava that most of our threads currently focus on the afternoon period -- not the mornings or the evenings -- and how I'd love to do something set during breakfast. It's easy enough for them to wind up at the same table if they are both knew and the other tables have filled up with friends sitting together, since the groups don't sit together for meals. It would be awkward as fuck, especially given their mutual anxiety around one another, but it could make for a type of thread that would at least establish this awkwardness. Ideally, we could do both. That is to say that we could do the breakfast thread and then the event thread (or do them simultaneously with differing dates) so that they wind up with a "how do we always meet over food?" connection with one another that sort of starts the process of really breaking the ice. When i read Evan I must confess that I saw the potential for friendship between them, and I want that for them. I love to arc the story though so I'm totally cool with it taking time to get there. I'll put that breakfast thread on my list, unless you object (PRP!).
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Brook Haven
Evan & Emily
There's at least going to be some tension between Evan and Emily, if only because Emily won't take it well if he unexpectedly stands up in the middle of her class. Sometimes the obvious answer is the right one: Emily's a possible example of an authority figure Evan just doesn't get along with. I could see us portraying that as a case of Evan really struggling to manage himself (and succeeding or not) against a teacher who's actually being kind of hostile towards him. In particular, we could arrange for Emily to get frustrated enough with him that she does something that's really not okay, which would probably make it a real challenge for Evan not to overreact in response. (The idea in my head is that she gives him a hard time with the written instructions; I'd have to actually confirm with myself that I could write that thread without getting triggered, but we could come up with something else too.)
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Nolan's been in foster care since he was two. He excelled at academics, and spent most of his childhood keeping apart from the other foster kids, believing that his intelligence made him special. When he hit his teens, that began falling apart as the competition to be the best student around intensified. His escalating emotions led him to brandish a knife at a foster parent, which got him sent to a group home. Teachers who worried about his performance recommended him to Brook haven.

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Evan & Nolan
If Evan and Nolan run into each other, it seems like they won't get along. Nolan has that "thinks he's better than other foster kids" thing, and Evan is definitely the sort of person he thinks he's better than. It sounds like Evan might not take that well.
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