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Welcome to Brook Haven Ranch! We are a 18+ premium role playing community set in Trader's Bend, Montana. Our concept is the culmination of twenty years of plotting and planning. We feature a rich, developed program in which many troubled characters thrive. Our community is one of the best on jcink and we look forward to you becoming a part of it!
Healing Horses & Troubled Teens since 1995
Not every teenager has the benefit of growing up in a loving, happy home. Some are victims of abuse, neglect, a system that shuffles them from foster home to foster home. Brook Haven Ranch was established in 1995 as a refuge for abused and neglected horses -- and teenagers who needed a second chance in life and the opportunity to become something more than society expects of them.
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 If I Could Start Again, 23 / Wellwader / Taylor Lautner
david jacobs
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David Jacobs
TW: foster care experience, health issues, heart disease, separation from twin


Full Name: david jacobs
Nickname/Alias: david (none)
Date of Birth: 9th december
Current Age: 23
Gender: cismale
Pronouns: he/him/his
User Group: wellwader
Sub-Group: leader


Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 184
Scars or Marks: long, puffy scar along the right side of his chest from surgeries, local stoma scar on right side of chest
Tattoos or Piercings cuff tattoo on lower left arm, script tattoo on upper left arm, prince albert piercing
Face Claim: taylor lautner


MBTI Type: esfp
Likes: competition, winning, being in control, being in a position of leadership, fitness, training, being healthy, rock climbing, trail riding, swimming, kayaking, running, active lifestyle, dogs, his bed, being in a relationship, steak, potatoes, fresh food, being at the bar, accomplishment, recognition, the ache after a workout, seeing his team (group) win, down time after a rough day, watching football on television, being somebody his friends can confide in, his family, his brother, billiards, rustic decor, cabin living, ranching, cars, mechanics, magazines, low-tech living, camping, outdoor cooking, stargazing, spending time with friends, being in a relationship, summer, cold weather, fast food
Dislikes: being sick, hospitals, being stuck in bed, having to make excuses, being disobeyed, people who don't pull their weight, struggling to breathe, being sick, worrying about his heart, not being able to work, being "the young guy," being humiliated, being stood up, being alone, facing hospitalizations by himself, being sick, struggling with his heart, maintaining a healthy lifestyle all the time, rainy days, animals in cages, homophobia, drinking, being around drunk people, loud parties, fighting with "his" kids, having to justify himself
Strengths: strong leader, good personal skills, courageous, athletic, determined, loyal, personable, friendly, clear headed, logical, mature, observant, dedicated, playful, solid, energetic, practical, intuitive, warm, confident, forthright, strong, bold, original, excellent showman,
Weaknesses: graceless, insecure, weird, unhealthy, fixed, vain, disorganized, extreme, anxious, brutal, demanding, difficult, obsessive, odd, pompous, quirky, sloppy, rowdy, sensitive, easily bored, unfocused, short-sighted
Fears: hospitals, fluorescent lighting, dentists, heights, falling, deep water, boats, public humiliation, losing, being bullied, surgery, heart attack
Vices: sex
Aspirations: live long enough to get a new heart, adopt a child (and save him or her the way that lock saved him), pay it forward to the next generation


Romantic Orientation: homoromantic
Sexual Orientation: homosexual
Relationship Status: single
Significant Other: none


Career/Occupation: group leader
Education: bachelor degree in social work
Dream Job: cardiologist (not something he plans to make happen)
Home Town: cambridge, massachusetts
Religion: agnostic

Equestrian Life

Preferred Riding Style: western
Disciplines: trail riding
Riding Strengths: good posture, comfortable with his own body, athletic, strong leader
Riding Weaknesses: hard feet, demanding, emotionally volatile, doesn't always communicate, anxious in the saddle
You know that place between sleep and awake, where you still remember dreaming? That's where I knew my brother, Camden.

I dreamed about him often when I was growing up in foster care, snippets of a memory, touching hands and screaming when he was pulled away from me. In the early years, it was a memory of looking into a mirror, only there was no mirror, just another boy who looked just like I did. He'd reach for me and someone would pull us apart. Sometimes the person scolded us for being together, and other times they were quiet. I've come to realize that the person who pulled us apart was our mother, and for a long time, I resented her for it.

Most of the kids here know what it's like to grow up in foster care because they've done it themselves. Many of them still are, until they start to work the program. They understand it here. Even the owners "get it."

My mother gave me up at birth. I know now that she might never have expected Cam and me to be separated from one another and that we were supposed to be adopted together. An agency put pressure on her to surrender us for adoption because she already had three children and she was terribly young at the time that she gave birth to us. There were couples -- married couples! -- who had more time to raise us, more money to give us, more that they could offer us.

The agency separated Cam and me when we were infants. We each went to a separate foster home. I don't know why Cam didn't get adopted, just that it didn't happen for him. For me, the reason I wasn't adopted was that I have congestive heart failure and have since I was a baby. Nobody wanted to adopt a "defective" baby and so I went through the system, one foster home at a time. Nobody labeled me "troubled" other than the need for regular doctor's appointments and medications.

Most of the families seemed to like me well enough. I got along with everybody, but sometimes I'd wind up bedridden for a week or more at a time because I missed medications or because I needed an adjustment to the amount that I was getting. I've even had two surgeries to correct the problem and to drain fluid from my heart. The parents who didn't want me not because I was a problem but because they didn't have the patience for my illness.

Because I was sick, I didn't get the same opportunities that other kids did. I wish I'd known about Brook Haven back then. I made it through high school because I wanted to, because I was able to commit to the work because I had nothing else to lose. What was I going to do other than study for the classes that I was taking? I didn't have much of a social life -- I was a bummer, especially to the kids who liked to smoke pot and drink, since neither of these were options for me due either to my medication or because I coughed frequently.

I graduated high school two years early -- when I was only sixteen. Because I was a foster kid, I didn't have the opportunities that some people do, and so I applied to the Brook Haven program. As a graduate, I didn't qualify for the school program, but the owners referred me to Lochlann Grange. He was (still is) a mechanic on the ranch, and I was able to stay with him while working with the horses. Once in a while Logan Brook would take me with him when he audited a group's activities, and I lost about forty pounds in those first two years. Rock climbing and kayaking were always my favorites.

It was the first time that I saw my twin brother, there on Brook Haven Ranch in the evening of my third day. I'd wandered into the mess hall blindly, hungry and needing something to snack on. Lock was busy working on some machinery and I was on my own for the meal, since I'd never cooked. Cam was there, sitting at a table and looking annoyed with the group of kids around him, who were bickering about something I never pinned down. Our eyes met, and the rest, as they say, is history. Both of us had always known we had a twin, but were surprised to confirm the reality of our dreams. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Lock adopted me when I was nearly eighteen. It was a last-minute decision to make the arrangement permanent, but I appreciated it then as I do now. Because I hadn't worked the program, I couldn't be a junior counselor, but after the ranch closed for a year, Logan asked me if I would like to lead a group. I knew as much about the program as anybody could without working it, and I'd advanced beyond most of the students who had worked it directly because I had opportunities to work alongside the owners. I accepted the job as the Wellwader's male leader a year ago and I've been loving it ever since.

Year-Long Sabbatical

For the year of 2016, Brook Haven Ranch closed its doors to students following an state investigation into the welfare of the students. It was a devastating time for everyone connected to the ranch, including the staff and the students (who had to be moved to their parental homes or to foster and group homes around the state). While things are slowly recovering from the time that the ranch was closed, David has not been so lucky. A rumor has started on the ranch that he wasn't mature enough or capable enough to be a group leader. When Nicole (Brook) Holmes was hired on as the Wrangler leader, talk peaked for a while. David was no longer the youngest group leader ever on the ranch, and with Nicole even younger than he was, people started to talk about how it wasn't something to do with age: It was David who couldn't cut it. Nicole recently decided to step down as the Wrangler co-leader, and now David is back -- putting the gossip mill into a tailspin. Not only is he back, but he's returned to his old post, is back in his old cabin, and he's working with the Wellwader kids just as hard as he used to. Not everybody is happy that he's back (adding to the likely gossip), but his return has given people plenty to talk about! This is an interactive Key Plot! Please feel free to have your character start or participate in rumors about the reasons that David was away for as long as he was, and about his return to the Wellwader group. The real reason that he was gone is included in the Key Plot below.

Matters of the Heart

David was born with a congenital heart defect that has caused congestive heart failure and additional pulmonary issues. The only people on the ranch who know about his heart trouble are the senior staff and of course his foster father, Lochlann Grange. The students -- and at least at first even his co-leader -- won't know that he has been battling this condition since birth or that he may need to be put on the waiting list for a new heart. He works himself so hard and he is so active in part because he believes that this kind of activity will strengthen him physically and that idleness isn't going to make him better. His doctors disagree, but it seems to be working for him, at least for the time being. However, his condition will occasionally put him out of commission. It's the reason that he wound up being away from work for nearly a year after the ranch opened its doors again: He needed a break so that he could recover from a surgery to help clear his lungs of fluid. Regular sessions to drain the fluid from his lungs remain necessary in order to keep him moving, and he's only just now ready to be back at work. For a while there it was looking as though he was going to need a transplant, but he's back on his feet -- barely. David is pushing himself harder than ever because the rumors mean that he has something that he needs to prove. While he wants to believe that this will help to improve his health, it has put him in a dangerous situation. He's at constant risk of collapse because of his heart condition, so he's going to have to be careful. This is also an interactive key plot. There are going to be times that David has to take it easy. If you're up for it, your character can watch for these moments and note that there is something "off" about him. This could feed into the rumor mill, or your character may simply be concerned.

Impostor Syndrome

People tend to think of David as a particularly confident person, but life has worn him down. Not only did he spend years in foster care feeling like he isn't worth loving or wanting, but he's not been able to maintain a steady or stable romantic relationship for the span of three years. Moreover, his last romantic relationship ended badly and has left both him and the other man tense and uncomfortable with the way that it ended. He's not spoken to his ex in three years, but David still has strong feelings for him. People on the ranch know David as being unshakeable. He's the resident tough guy who seems to always know what he's doing and who comes across as confident and determined. What's going on inside of him is quite the opposite. He second guesses himself constantly, unsure of whether he has the ability that he was hired based on. Most of the time he feels like an impostor who doesn't have what it takes to cut it in the real world, yet he continues to do his best every single day, for his students. He never knows whether he's doing the right thing by his students and he thrives on the feedback that he gets from them. The people whose feedback matters the most to him are his students, not his superiors, and he believes that everything must come up from the bottom, not down from the top. Nothing matters more to David than the praise of his students, and he is constantly waiting for them to tell him that he's done a good thing. So far he's not seen a student of his graduate. When he does, it will be one of the best moments of his life. Yep, it's another interactive key plot! It would be meaningful for David to know that his students appreciate him. This counts for when they trust him enough to come to him for advice, or when they succeed at something they previously thought that they couldn't accomplish. If you feel that this is something your character would do (preferably "just because") it would be great for students to encourage David through their successes!

Do as I Do, Not as They Say

Related to the above, it's a daily struggle for David to act differently than what he feels in the hopes that what he feels will change based on how he acts. Somebody told him that once, but he won't pass it on to his students until he's sure that it actually works that way. One of the most important things about David is that he will never tell his students to do something that he is sure would work for him -- or that he would do himself. A lot of group leaders are willing to press their students to do the right thing simply because it's right, while they continue to do the wrong thing. David practices what he preaches. He's not the sort of person who tells his students that they shouldn't drink once they are twenty-one (and therefore legal), and if they can do it in moderation. He's not the sort of person to discourage his students from fighting if they fight fair. He'll always make sure that he gives his students the same advice that he would take -- making him great for giving advice. Other leaders might think him ineffectual because he doesn't teach the students the rules directly, but teaches them by his own example, but David is proud of the way that he's chosen to lead his students -- the way that his father led him after they'd met. He's proud of this thing about himself, but it's occurred to him recently that he's keeping secrets from his students, and that doing so might not be the best way to demonstrate the way that they ought to live their lives. You can interact with this one, too! People on the ranch are going to have a lot to stay to students about how they should behave and may often tell students to do things that they won't hold up themselves. David's students may want to come to him to ask questions about why there are these differences and what they should do about them. He's great for advice since he won't give any advice that he wouldn't take himself.

About David

David has a reputation that precedes him on the ranch. First, people know him as the second youngest group leader ever to work at Brook Haven. He stepped down after the ranch's year-long shut down, and since his return people have speculated that he stepped back when he did because he simply could not hack it as a group leader. David says "opinions are like assholes, everybody has one" but now that he's back, he's begging the question of whether there's anybody better equipped to lead the Wellwader group than he is. Second, people know David as, well, an asshole. He tends to put his foot in his mouth and say things that he either doesn't mean or that aren't helpful to the student. Student's aren't apt to know this in the beginning, but unless you do an actual admit with him, you want to know this information because it will color the way that students interact with him following this first meeting. This continues when David pushes his students hard (some might say too hard) and expects them to push through pain (and sometimes personal injury), hurt feelings, and other issues in order to win. He's competitive and he doesn't allow his students to slack off at all. Third, people know David as either getting great results, or no results at all. His students either fall into line and commit to winning the way that David drives the Wellwaders to win, or they stall and don't progress at all. He's had students who never reached the point of touching their horse, and he's had students achieve what seemed impossible (often battling through pain or injury to do so). Because of this, some people on the ranch will pick up on the success stories and respect him for them; Some will pick up on the failures and ridicule him for them; And some will say that he pushes the students too hard when he ought to give them some room to breathe. And David will say "You can't please everybody." When he's on the ranch (and he lives there, so he's on the ranch most of the time), David is generally an active sort of person. You'll find him at the obstacle course (running it), the cliffs (climbing or rappelling), the lake (canoeing), the riding trails (riding, duh), or in the main lodge (rarely) just hanging out. He's not the sort of person who tends to just sit still a lot of the time, so if you want to find David, you're going to have to seek him out. This doesn't mean that he doesn't want to hang out with you or be your friend -- just that he's active and doesn't tend to sit still for long. So if you want his attention, be prepared to have it while moving. Off the ranch, David's often with his twin brother Camden, who is the basic English riding instructor on the ranch. Cam and David drink together on a regular basis down at the Rock Tavern, where they often find room to hang out with their buddies in town. Of course he will also need to get into town to shop for supplies and things like that, but for the most part he sticks pretty close to the ranch or his brother. (And if you happen to play a doctor -- a cardiologist in particular -- you might run into David at the hospital.) See the rest of these sections for information about some of the specifics that I'd like to have for David, as well as how he functions in these types of relationships!


David is open to friendships with all sorts of people, but some people (note: some, not all) might find it difficult to get to know him. This is, in part, because he tends to be one person while he's working and a somewhat different person when he's "off-duty" -- even with the students. Less than there are two sides to his personality, David takes what he does seriously and he believes that he has something important that he has to prove to the other people who he works with on the ranch. One thing that I feel strongly I need to note here is that David does not like to wear clothing. I'm actually pretty serious about this and I need to mention it because when he is at home in his cabin, he might be shirtless, and he will surely be unshod. This has been the case for a long time, and he's likely only wearing shorts (or jeans) because he threw them on before answering the door. If you enter his cabin without knocking, he will probably be stark naked -- and he has a Prince Albert piercing to top it all off and make you even more uncomfortable. So if your character is an adult who is prone to spending time with David in private settings, he will likely wind up stripping naked at some point, regardless of your character's gender. This is a strange, but integral part of his personality. David is definitely weird. But sure, that's okay! With that out of the way, how about we talk a bit about the types of people who are most apt to wind up befriending David. He's an athletic sort of person, always on the go and doing something, and fond of outdoor sports and activities (rappelling is his favorite, but also running the obstacle course, hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, etc). Like most people, his friends are most apt to be people who enjoy the same sorts of activities that he does. Characters who are not into these things are going to have a tough time connecting with David. I'm not saying that it won't happen, but I am saying that he's apt to prefer spending time either with his brother or with people who understand the types of things that he's into. David's a competitor, and he's going to bring this into any friendship that he has with people. If you can't take a little bit of friendly competition -- and David's incessant desire to win (while also wanting his friends to be real competition!), then this is probably not going to be a friendship that will work out for you. On the up side, he's not likely to push his friends the way that he does his group. After all, he's often competing against them rather than beside them. He's loyal to a fault, loves his friends deeply, and his door is always open (if you can handle the nudity, that is). He has a way of cheering people up when they are feeling down, and when he can't do it directly, he's ready with a beer and a pat on the back. More than anything, David is a good friend who you want to have on your team. He might compete against his friends, but he's worse with his enemies. David needs friends who will also be loyal to him, but most of all who can keep his secrets and appreciate his intimacy. At some point if he's friends with somebody for long enough they are going to notice his scars, and if they can see his scars they are apt to ask what caused them. This is a whole can of worms that David will only answer when he's close enough to somebody, and he does need these sorts of friendships. So how about we talk about some of the types of friends that David needs?

Best Friend

While David has his twin brother Camden (with whom he is close), he needs somebody with whom he lacks the biological connection. Cam's not always good for perspective and what David needs the most is somebody who is close to him but who is also able to tell him how things need to be. It's critical that this person is able to know that David has a heart condition and that he or she be able to tell David when he's done enough and it's time to sit out for a while. David does need a push sometimes to see the doctor when he ought to. A best friend is the perfect person to do this for him. A best friend of any gender is suited for David, though he tends to connect better with women than with men.

Inner Circle

Where David's best friend is likely to be the only person other than his brother and foster father who has intimate knowledge of his heart condition and its requirements, David still needs to have a close circle of friends who are comfortable hanging out with him at his one-bedroom cabin on the ranch. This means that a.) they must be comfortable seeing him naked (scars, piercing, and all), and that b.) they must be the type of people who sees his friendlier side. These are most likely to be other people who work on the ranch, and I perceive that David is most likely to get close with "other" staff members -- such as ranch hands, but also riding instructors (like Cam). These friends are the folks that David will invite over for sporting events and parties, as well as the occasional meal or barbecue.

Drinking Buddies

David doesn't drink much, and he knows his limits. Alcohol isn't something that he wants or needs much of in his life. He hates to be drunk, but he does like a beer now and again. He's the type of person who likely has a good few friends who hang out with him at the bar when he goes out with his brother. I'm not looking for these to be the sorts of friends that he confides in, but he's had a few of these in the past (usually shared with Cam) who are the sort of people he can chill with after a rough day at work. They probably will not be people who work with the Wellwader group (or possibly any of the groups, due to his competitive nature) and are most likely hands on the ranch.


I'm open to suggestions. If you have an idea that you don't think will fit with anything that's on this list, please feel free to toss it at me. Bear in mind that I do prefer storylines over relationships and that I love to see things develop over time, but I'm happy to add more relationships to the relationships tab too!


David's gay, but he hasn't had a boyfriend in about three years. This has made him insecure, and so for the moment David is closeted. He's not in a relationship and therefore this doesn't affect anybody except for David himself. If, and when, he finds the right person, David will have no qualms about being open about the relationship. His issue, at present, is that he doesn't want to put himself on the line to get hurt by being rejected by someone that he's interested in. He'll be the first to tell you that he's not looking for love specifically because he doesn't want to be rejected again, but also because he believes that this will help put off the females who think that he's attractive and want to get involved with him. It's not working, as many females find him more attractive due to his efforts to put them off, but that's beside the point. Right now, David says he's not looking for love. That's not true. He would be thrilled to have a boyfriend, but because of his fear of being rejected, he is either going to have to be 100% clear that the other man is homosexual or the other guy is going to have to make the first move. I try not to make a habit of saying "you're going to have to come to him" and that's not what I'm trying to do here. If David has a reason to know that the guy he's interested in is gay, he will make the first move, as long as he's confident that there is some connection there. David is not often in a situation in which he is apt to meet somebody who could be a potential romantic partner, so this is a bit tricky. He's professional at work, so if he's working he's not apt to connect with another guy there. When he's out with his buddies at the Rock Tavern, he's not apt to let his guard down far enough to attract the attention of another guy, so he's not apt to meet somebody there. This is obviously a bit complicated, because it means that if your guy is interested in David, they're going to have to "bump into one another" somewhere. Of course David does the normal things that people do, such as grocery shopping and walking at the park, so there are opportunities. We'll just have to figure out the circumstances, as he's not exactly "out there" and best case scenario, he bumps into somebody he finds attractive and spills his groceries all over the pavement (hint: That's me giving you an idea!). I do perceive girls finding him attractive, and especially considering that his twin brother Camden can be a little bit of a flirt, there's a chance that people will perceive David similarly. They are identical but they do not look alike: They dress differently and wear their facial hair differently and therefore anyone ought to be able to distinguish between the two of them. I am not at this time interested in a mistaken identities romantic plot (or it would be listed below), but I do perceive that it's possible someone might see them as similar in personality and therefore attempt to interchange Cam (if he should reject someone) with David. Since Cam is pansexual, this allows for all sorts of interesting "whoopsies." What attracts David is complicated, because he's looking for somebody who is softer than he is. While he would like his friends to be the competitive types, he doesn't want to feel that he's in competition with his lover. This man needs to be strong, but soft, and David is not into effeminate guys. He's not looking for the type of guy who acts like a woman or who comes across as overtly homosexual. Though he dislikes thinking of it this way, if the person is obviously gay at a glance, then he's not going to be interested in that person. In spite of his insecurities, he is also more likely to be attracted to somebody who makes him work for it. Not in the "plays hard to get" way, but someone who isn't going to make things easy for David. David is a bottom (important information for a homosexual character, so let's get this straight right now) and he cannot top -- literally. He'd have to be surgically altered in order to do so because of the Prince Albert piercing. David is a considerate, sweet lover when he is in a relationship. He puts the needs of his partner before his own and, while not submissive, he is the type of person who shows his love through acts of service. He will bend over backward for somebody he loves, and David falls in love fast and hard (and tends to stay in love for a long time once he does). He's still recovering from a bad break up, however, and he's hesitant to put himself on the line again. He needs somebody who is able to be his down time, who accepts and appreciates his love, who respects and appreciates him (and everything that he does) and who he can trust to be there for him when he needs him, whether it's because he's in the hospital or because he just needs to decompress after a rough day. David can be emotional and when his lungs get bad he might need actual care from his partner, so this means that his partner has to be able and willing to attend his bedside at home while he prepares for hospitalizations or recovers from surgeries. As active as he is, David spent a lot of his adolescence bedridden and he still has bad days. I'm also looking for some fun, temporary stuff in between, so check out some of the things that I'm looking for!

Long-Term Lover

Like most people, David would love to have a lover in his life. He's gay, so this must be a male. He's a bottom, so this must be a top. As stated above, he'd have to be surgically altered in order to top, and he's not going to do that. It is a dealbreaker. Read the above description of what he's looking for in a lover to see if your guy meets David's requirements, and we can talk about what comes next from there if this is something that you'd be interested in pursuing. I would love to have this slot filled for David, but I would also like to take it slow before committing to anything like engagement or marriage.

Girl Crush (on David)

Due to some recent circumstances, David has climbed back into the closet and is currently hiding there. Few people on the ranch know that he's gay, and this could wind up attracting the wrong kind of attention. He's a competitive, strong, leaderly-type masculine figure who might attract girls who like the alpha male type, not realizing that not only is he gay, but he's not the alpha in his relationships, anyway. This plot could be absurdly entertaining, and I won't list it among desired plots because it's too focused on the relationships, but I think it would be hilarious to have David attempt to navigate this kind of relationship. Just be aware that your girl could be hurt in the end if she's invested in a relationship with him only to find out he's gay!

Teen Crush (on David)

For similar reasons to those above, I can certainly see how a young person might develop some feelings for David. While this will only ever be one-sided it could create some delicious tension for David on the ranch. He's not the type who would so much as develop feelings for a person so much younger than him, so the purpose of this sort of relationship would be to cause some trouble in his life or even in his group. This is particularly interesting if the teenager in question believes that David has feelings for her/him/them even if he does not. I'd love to plot something about this with you, particularly if this young person starts a rumor that she/he/they is/are in a relationship with David!


I've mentioned a couple of times above that David has been hurt recently. He was more invested in a relationship than his partner was, and the breakup left him feeling insecure about himself and withdrawing back into the closet. I haven't put a lot of definition on the cause of the breakup (yet) but I think it makes the most sense if the other guy didn't want a commitment but David did. He might also have gotten annoyed with how much David tried to do for him, or decided that he wanted to try bottoming for a while. Whatever the case, the breakup cost David a lot. I'd love to see this guy in play (and might request him). That being said, he wasn't the first person David ever had a relationship with and I'd be thrilled to have any other exes who he might have flirted with during his time at Brook Haven (not as a student, if you've read this app, but in a volunteer capacity).


Hit me up with any other ideas that you have! I think I've covered most everything here, since David isn't inclined toward indiscriminate sex, but I'd love to hear your ideas, too!


Like the vast majority of people, David doesn't particularly want enemies. As far as he's concerned, he doesn't need enemies. It should be clear, therefore, that he is not seeking this type of relationship in his day to day activities, and he is not the sort of person who goes out of his way to tick people off. No, that part just sort of comes naturally to David, who has a distinct tendency to stick his foot into his mouth so far that he gags on it. It's hard for David to understand why people have a problem with him. What he says often sounds right coming out of his own mouth, but it sits poorly on the ears of those listening to it. He's offensive when people need respect from him. He doesn't intend to be, and doesn't go out of his way to be cruel to people. The tough part is that David has come to think that if people have a problem with him, it's their problem and they need to get over it themselves. He doesn't go out of his way to apologize when he makes a mistake, and it's hard for him to make things right after he's messed up. A lot of people dislike him for the things that he says. In the past, most of these people simply ignored or avoided David, but he's the awful sort who won't let things pass without a fight. This is where things get particularly antagonistic with David: He will pursue those who he has offended, without apologizing, demanding that things be right between him and the other party without any effort on his part. What he's looking for is simple, pure, "water under the bridge." Most people don't want something this simple and don't consider reconciliation so easy. He'll have these kinds of antagonistic relationships everywhere that he goes: With colleagues at work, with students in his group, with people in town who don't know him well enough to know that he doesn't mean any harm, and in any setting in which somebody confronts him about the things that he cares about. After all, like the majority of people, David will react if he is confronted about something -- or someone -- who is important to him. Cam in particular is a sore spot, but Lock is another important person in his life, and when Toby is adopted by Lock, she will be as well. He doesn't generally initiate confrontation, but if you start one, be warned that David is strong with his words and not in a friendly way, either. The current situation -- David returning to work after almost two years away -- is likely to result in some natural enemies (see below and the key and desired plots). Everybody has an opinion about everybody else that they meet -- everybody -- and opinions of David right now are largely unkind. It's not that people aren't friendly with him (most probably are to his face), but more that they don't trust him to be capable of doing his job. They've made assumptions about what they see in David and about his recent history, and it's caused some difficulty for him both on and off the ranch. A lot of the students likely don't trust or appreciate him right now, and this is a direct result of the rumors and the speculation about him. It's not a pretty picture to paint, but this is the reality that David has faced upon his return. David resents the rumors and before too long he's going to snap at somebody if he catches them spreading them. This is most natural with students (who have a harder time keeping their mouths shut than adults do), but it could be anybody, and when that time comes, things are going to get aggressive, fast. The obvious trouble with this is that David doesn't fight. He's competitive at nearly everything but he's not going to get into a fist fight with somebody. Protecting his heart is important to David and he has to be careful about the type of exertion he gets involved with. The last thing he needs is to wind up in a fight that lands him in the hospital. Now it's tough to say that somebody needs enemies, and it's easier to focus on things like rivals, but those relationships are largely insignificant. I'm looking for more for David, and sure enough, he needs people who will push him to break outside of his comfort zone (which is already enormous) and he needs people who will challenge him on a personal level. David often gets stuck in singular patterns of behavior and has a hard time breaking free from the patterns. Antagonistic relationships with other people -- and enemies in particular -- will help him to break from those and to find better ways of dealing with things. After all, he is a young guy still. It doesn't take much to make David angry. It's not healthy for him to be that angry (in a very literal sense because he has a heart condition), but he does have a short fuse and is apt to snap when he feels threatened or particularly agitated. He often says things that he doesn't mean and it can get pretty messy from there. David will actively seek out enemies and attempt to force them to accept him. This is annoying behavior, and generally unproductive, so it results in David butting his head against the wall with the people who dislike him.

Local Gossips

This character or characters will do a lot to help boost some plots for David, and I would be thrilled to have adults in this category (see below regarding students). David won't know at first who is starting or spreading the rumors, only that things are getting back to him, so this is the foundation of some long-term plots that could take a while to fester and really get going. The great thing about this type of enemy is that it doesn't have to be a "bad person" to fit this category. Normal people gossip and speculate all the time, causing distress for the people whose stories they spread. Your character could be a wonderful person but still fall into this category with just a few ill-timed words!

Teenage Rumor Mill

It's difficult to say that teenagers could be enemies to somebody who is in charge of them, but these things do happen. David loves the teenagers with whom he works, but they aren't perfect and nobody likes everybody, even if they are supposed to be bigger people. While he's not apt to be aggressive with students, if David finds out who is spreading the rumors, he's going to put his foot down -- and probably in his mouth in the process. If you're willing to get your teenage character hurt (because David is good at inadvertently tearing people down), this could be a strong plot line for you to engage with. Let me know if you're interested!

Secret Keepers

Almost the opposite of what I've mentioned above, there will be a few people who know David's secrets -- his sexual orientation, the fact that he has heart disease -- who hold a lot over his head by virtue of knowing things about him that he doesn't want a lot of other people to know. Especially in light of the rumors that are going around the ranch, he's going to want to keep some things quiet, and people who know his secret (especially if he doesn't trust them), hold a lot of power over somebody who prefers to be in control. This person (or people) doesn't have to eventually reveal the secret, but this is going to wind up being tension between David and this person (or people), so that's something to think about going into this. It could wind up with full-fledged enemies or with friends, depending on the outcome of the plots involved.

Not-So-Friendly Rivals

Less enemies than rivals, David is a competitive person and competition isn't always friendly with him. While he prefers to keep things casual, he can get down and dirty if he feels like somebody is trying to take something from him. Since he basically owns Brook Haven's winning streak, he doesn't like to have that upset. If things get heated, he's going to wind up pushing back harder than necessary, and things could get aggressive and volatile. This is probably the best way to get David to the point of pushing back, because if he suffers too many upsets to his winning streak, he's apt to get outright aggressive with the competition -- and forget his own health in the meantime.


I don't have any specific ideas for others at the moment, but if anything doesn't fit in the above categories but you'd like to toss a character at me for an antagonistic relationship, just let me know! A lot of students -- especially those who arrive after he takes over from Jack Dorsey -- are apt to fall into this category.


Family is important to David because he grew up without it (until he was adopted by Lochlann Grange when he was seventeen). For most of his life he's lived through foster care and didn't have anybody to look out for or looking out for him. In a lot of ways, this set him up for failure, because David didn't know how to interact with people within a family. Long term foster care will do that to a kid, and nobody wants to take on a child who could die at any time because of his heart condition. He handled his worry about being unwanted by counter-acting this with humor and embracing his oddness. David has always seen this as "just being me" but the truth is that he's stepped far outside of the box of what is "typical" in an effort to comfort himself that this is the reason he was unwanted: Not for something that he could not help. As you can see, family has been an important theme in his life. David's interactions with his father and grandfather are mostly positive, though both of them find him a bit strange when he's at home. He's always been laid back about body image, and even from the time that they first adopted him, he had no qualms about nudity around the house. This didn't create any major disturbances except for the times that one of them wanted to have somebody over to the house and either had to get David to put some clothes on or avoid having people they would otherwise socialize with in their domain. This was alternatively problematic and hilarious. Although on this timeline he is not a big brother yet, David will be soon. Given the potential that someone outside of my own inner circle should have the opportunity to be adopted by Lock or Ty, I'd like to explain that David is a harsh older brother, domineering and demanding and he tends to expect to get his way with any younger siblings the way that he would expect to get his way with the members of his group. It's confusing for him when Lock or Ty tell him that he should ease up on them (in the future, but also in particular, Toby Andrews). If you should wind up with a teenager in this family, please be warned that David fully expects to be treated more as a parent than as a sibling. He doesn't understand sibling dynamics with younger (or older, for that matter) siblings and it can be a bit of a wreck. He's not planning on adopting at this point in time, mostly due to his age. In the unlikely event that he bonds with a middle schooler, he is apt to be the opposite type of father to what he is as a brother: Doting, generous, laid back, and maybe a bit crazy. He'll encourage any child he adopts now or in the future to be their pure self, no matter what that means, and he will plan great adventures. Bear in mind that the likelihood of him adopting, both due to age and due to his illness, is rather slim.


David is an involved group leader, which means that he spends a lot of time with his students. This time might ordinarily be spent with counselors rather than group leaders. The Wellwaders will have a lot of exposure to David, for better or for worse, and I'd like to take this as an opportunity to lay out for you the way that he will interact with his group. If you have a student in the Wellwader group (or a counselor, for that matter), please do us both a favor and read through this section as it's important to the way that he will interact with his students. First of all, if you've read above you already know that David has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. What I haven't defined yet is the fact that this has come up in past threads with students in his group (at past Brook Haven sites). He doesn't have as strong a grasp of the English language as some people do, and when dealing with volatile teenagers, this can be a big problem, particularly for a young group leader. It's difficult for him to get the initial respect of his students because he says things that don't come out right, often offend, and result in people disliking him on principle. He has such strong feelings about people disliking him that he often makes things worse rather than better (by relentlessly pursuing those he has offended in an effort to smooth over ruffled feathers [without doing anything to apologize]). These first impressions often die hard, but David is the sort of person who is easy to respect. After all, he practices what he preaches, works hard, and applies himself in everything that he does. It's not often that he demands something of the students that he won't do alongside them. If the kids have to go out for a punishment hike, he's right there beside them (provided his heart can handle it); If they have to run laps for punishment, he's right there with them to run laps; If they are rappelling or canoeing, he's out there with the students, doing the same things that they are. Therefore some students will find it difficult to like him, while others will find it difficult not to respect him. Occasionally a student might fall into both of these categories at the same time. At the present point in time, you have a great opportunity to interact with some of David's Key Plots in developing relationships with him. I'd love to see some of his students take these plots and roll with them, because they will not only help with the telling of his story, but they will help you to develop your character as well. It could be a ton of fun! Here are some of the relationships that I'd be interested in having for David with his group.

Busy Body

There will certainly be some students who pay more attention to what's going on than others. Some will pay attention to the things that David wants them to notice, while others are going to wind up noticing things that they should probably keep their noses out of. With all of the rumors flying about David, there will surely be some students who have heard that he got fired two years ago because he couldn't do the job. I'd love to have a character or two who fit into this category for David, but most of all, this is the idea that I have: This character starts a series of Chinese whispers. Rumors are bad enough, but when those rumors change as they go from person to person, they can get pretty ludicrous. I'll likely turn this into a Desired Plot, but it would be cool if the story got back to David and by the time it reached him, the rumor was that he'd done something ridiculous.

Weak Link

David pushes his group hard, so most people might not think that he would have affection for the weaker members of the group. Every group, even one as competitive as the Wellwaders, is going to have members of that group who aren't able to keep up for whatever reason. Maybe it's Grace, who's pregnant, or Cody with his bad leg, but any member of the group who is struggling is apt to wind up getting personal, careful attention from David. He has a way of knowing just how far he can push a student, and it would be nice to have the opportunity to show that as much as he puts his foot in his mouth, he does tend to know how to read people -- if he's paying attention. It would be a good experience both for him and for the other character to develop a bond while he helps them to deal with being the one who is always behind. This sort of support can be hard to come by in a group that pushes as hard and as far as this one does, and it would be beautiful for both parties!


Obviously there are all sorts of opportunities here, and I'd love to have David's "relationships" tab just full of all of his relationships with the students in his group, so please hit me up if you're a Wellwader student!

First Impressions

Gosh he's a jerk! New students often dislike David right from the start. He's not good with his words and he tends to put his foot in his mouth. Their initial impression of him is that he's an asshole who doesn't care about anything other than getting them processed and into their bunks. To these people he comes across as unfeeling and insensitive to their needs and they often dislike him from the start. He might never win them over (and that's okay with David if he still gets the results that he's going for). Boy, he's kind of weird, isn't he? People who meet David on the street (in other words, somewhere other than the ranch) often find him odd. While people on the ranch see his athletic, adrenaline-junkie side, people in town see the goofy, non-socially conforming gay "kid." He's not necessarily good at "adulting" and so the people who meet him when he's free to be 100% himself will likely encounter much of the David who existed in his younger days. First impression are often not of a lovable goofball, but of a weird person who doesn't always do things the way that society dictates. I don't like the way that he measures me up. If David meets a potential competitor, he is quick to size them up and ascertain how much competition they will be for him. He can be intense, and the way that he looks at a person may make them uncomfortable. Potential competitors will notice quickly the way that he looks them up and down from head to do and back again to determine just how much they're worth. It can feel like an appraisal, and it gives the impression that David thinks he's better than others. Often, he does.

Stranger Impressions

Are you sure he's cut out for this? People who know the ranch know that David was the youngest group leader ever hired. At the time of hire, he was younger (though only by a couple of months) than Nicole Holmes -- daughter of ranch owner Logan Brook. A lot of people find it strange that he was hired as a group leader, especially given that he spent the last couple years of his adolescence on the ranch (though not as a student). People are not only surprised that he managed to get the job in the first place, but they frequently question whether he's a good fit for the group. He's too hard on my kid. Somebody needs to put a stop to that! Students (especially those who have parents, but even those who are talking to their social workers) often complain that David's too hard on them. It's not just the fact that he drives his students competitively, he doesn't always say the right thing. It's not just putting his foot in his mouth: David can be offensive. Parents and other caregivers who hear about his methods often have an unfavorable opinion of him based on what their children or charges have to say about how hard he works them. If he doesn't stop working himself so hard, he could wind up dead. Doctors who know David by his file rather than by his person will likely worry that his active lifestyle could be hard on his heart. There has to be a balance, and while he works hard to stay as fit as he can, the amount of activity in which he engages could actually wind up being dangerous for him. This makes some doctors angry, because David doesn't always follow advice and he could wind up in serious trouble if he continues at the pace that he's been going.

Friendly Impressions

He's not the person everybody thinks he is. Friends know a different side of David than other people do. They get to see the fun-loving David and the insecure David. Close friends may even have seen him cry a time or two. All of this is huge for him, and it represents a different person than the majority of people on the ranch get to see. Friends will be frustrated that David can't express this side of himself with the people with whom he works, because in the end, it's not fair to him. It's stupid how much he doesn't know himself. At the end of the day, David is a lovable guy who has had a difficult life. The life he's had has influenced the way that he sees himself, while his friends see the real person beneath his insecurities. It's frustrating to his friends when he talks down about himself or gets angry with himself for things that he doesn't need to sweat about. Sometimes this might make friends angry with him because it gets annoying to be around somebody who doesn't have a good self-image and certainly who doesn't see their value in the world. This could lose him friends. He's a funny guy, and fun to be around. I wish he showed that more often. Most people (and surely not the people who David works with) don't get the opportunity to see his goofy side. Since this is the real David, his friends are often frustrated that he won't show everybody what a great, lovable goofball he can be. Friends who know him outside of work don't always understand that he can't be that way all of the time and that he has to take his job seriously. These friends might go out of their way to push him into being more laid back at work. It won't fly, but they're welcome to try.

Familiar Impressions

David needs to learn when to back off and let a person breathe. Since he's reached adulthood, David tends to be bossy with family members. His father has recently asked him to back off a little bit and let him do his job as the head of his own household. David tends to get involved in things in which he doesn't belong and it's more than annoying: It prevents Lock from getting through to the other people in the family his way. If it was good enough for David, why shouldn't it be good enough for any children who come after him. He's really turned his life around for the better. Everything that happened to David when he was younger could have turned him into somebody different than what he turned out to be. In spite of the fact that his family would prefer it if he'd keep his nose to his own business and out of discipline situations that don't involve him, they do see the fact that he has taken the struggles that life gave him in the first place and turned them into something that will actually benefit and help other people as they move forward through many of the same struggles. They are proud of him for this. I wish he'd slow down. He's going to hurt himself going at this level all the time. Lock and Ty are among the only people who know that David has a heart condition, and they do wish that he would slow down and take it a bit easier. There's something to be said for keeping the body active and therefore more fit, but that doesn't mean that his level of activity is always good for him. The doctors have told him to slow down and let his body rest from time to time, but he keeps pushing harder than he ought to. His family worries about what this could mean for him in the long run.

Rival Impressions

Rival impressions of David vary by a great deal. See below. Man, he never gives up, does he? David is a persistent competitor who doesn't walk away from the opportunity to win at something. Many of his rivals (though perhaps not most of them) feel as though competing with him is something like banging one's head into a brick wall over and over again. He simply will not give up until he has achieved his goal. His goal is always to win, so this can get frustrating for people who also want the privilege of winning from time to time. (This does eventually get annoying for most people, and many will stop attempting to engage him if they feel like he won't give them the opportunity to win sometimes.) He quits just when the competition's getting tough. On the flip side, there are those who find that David stops competing just when things are getting difficult for him. These people see him as stopping just short of competing a competition in which the competitor is going to beat him, and they become frustrated because a default win isn't the kind of win that they want to have against him. It's frustrating for them and many of these people wind up well on the road to becoming enemies unless they are friends and realize that it's because of his heart that he has to stop at the wrong times. He tries to live vicariously through his students. Rival groups will notice quickly that David drives his students to compete when he can't. If he can't win a battle or a game, then he will press his students to do it for him. This frustrates the rival group leaders because it seems unfair that he would pressure his students to go so far when their main goal with their students is simply to see them heal and recover from the trauma that their lives have been so far. They feel that David's got the wrong idea about what it means to lead a group and a few of these people have already been to the bosses about what to do about David.

Enemy Impressions

David is the biggest dick I've ever met in my life. Most people who don't like David don't like him because of his tendency to put his foot in his mouth and to say stupid things at the wrong moment. It's fair enough that a lot of people think he's a total dick: Sometimes he can be! It will drive these people absolutely crazy that he will continue to pursue those people who think of him this way to the point of annoyance, but he won't back down from them and will do his best to prove them wrong. Ugh! I just wish he'd leave me alone! Once David puts his foot in his mouth, he tends to pursue the person he offended, trying to show them that he's not actually a bad guy after all. It's a pain in the butt for the people who don't want to be bothered by his incessant pandering. These people just wish that he would leave them along and stop bothering them at every turn. Unfortunately for them, he's not likely to stop unless they manage to offend him (which is difficult). I want my kid transferred to another group. He's too hard on him. Parents and social workers do not generally like David unless they, themselves, are particularly hard on the kids in their care. He's a tough leader who pushes harder than some parents and social workers can see their children achieving. Some of these people want David out of his position, or their kids out of his group. The ranch staff argues that they don't know what kind of results he's going to get until they give him a chance, but these parents and social workers don't want their kids used as guinea pigs.

Authority Impressions

He leads by example. One of the things that the authorities on the ranch like the most about David is that he leads by example. He doesn't just want his group to succeed, he strives for success himself, and he pushes hard to reach that point. Instead of letting them do the work, he does the work alongside them and pushes them as an equal. David's not the sort of leader who takes on a position of authoritarian superiority to his group, but who works with them. I don't like experimenting on the kids this way. As hard as David works, some of the people in authority over him worry that he's experimenting on the students too much. He's yet to have a successful graduate work under him (mostly due to the timeline on which he was hired for the position. People want to see actual results, and David's different than most of his colleagues. If his methods are going to get results, that's great, but some of the authorities don't like using the students as guinea pigs any more than their parents and social workers do. He needs to rest when he needs it instead of pushing himself so hard. Everybody who knows about David's heart is aware that he's pushing himself so hard that he could damage his health. The authorities on the ranch wish that he would take it easy once in a while and give himself a break. He runs so hard because he won't ask the students to do anything that he won't do. All they want is for him to take a break from the stress once in a while and give himself a chance to take it easy.

Coworker/Partner Impressions

Jeez! Not everything has to be a competition! Coworkers become quickly annoyed by the fact that David turns everything into a competition. They often feel as though he has to be better than everybody else is, and it's frustrating for them to feel so trapped by this competitive spirit. He tends to bring out the competitive spirit in other people as well, and they are especially annoyed when he wins everything that they feel they ought to have been able to win. Somehow they even wind up feeling bad when they win themselves. He's too young for this job. Why did everybody else have to earn qualifications but him? Most of the people with whom David works had to work their butts off to get to where they are in their career. He got his job handed to him on a silver platter, and most of the staff of the ranch think that this is because his adoptive father is Logan Brook's best friend. They are not only annoyed by the fact that he gets to have things that they don't, but they don't think that he's qualified for the job at the same level that they are. For this reason, many distrust him. He inspires me to work harder and do better for the kids. Those coworkers who aren't irritated by David often find that he is excellent at what he does, and he motivates them to try to do more with their own groups. It's not all about competition -- even with David -- and some of the people he works with have been able to see his softer side and understand that he is doing for the students what his adoptive father and grandfather once did for him. Just because he takes no prisoners doesn't mean that he's not excellent at his job.

Lover Impressions

It's tough work taking care of somebody that sick. One of the toughest things about being in a relationship with somebody who is sick is the need to take care of them. David can't always take care of himself and he can't always lean on Lock to take care of him either. When he's in a relationship, he does tend to ask a lot of his partner in the domain of making sure that when he can't take care of himself, his lover can. It's not always fair, though he does his best to give back as much as he takes. People have the wrong idea about David. He really does his best. More than any other person, lovers notice that David does his best to take care of his health. If you're not watching for it, you might not see that he takes frequent breaks, keeps himself on a strict sleep schedule, eats fairly well, doesn't drink a lot, and takes all of his medications. People who think that he doesn't do enough to protect his health are on the wrong track and nobody (nobody) knows this as well as the person who is likely to be closest to him: His lover. The piercing's hot, except when it's inconvenient. When David was seventeen, he faked an ID to get a Prince Albert piercing. He thought it was sexy at the time, and his previous lovers enjoyed it -- for a time -- as well. The problem with this piercing is that it can easily get infected and because of the tissue it pierces, David has to sit down to use the bathroom. It also means that he cannot top, so in his relationships with lovers, this can get frustrating if the other man wants to bottom or just gets tired of having to deal with hygiene issues pertaining to the piercing.


I'm doing the best that I can. David is actually extraordinarily sensitive to criticism, and he gets a lot of it on the ranch. He's doing the best that he can and he wants to be proud of himself for everything that he's accomplished. It's difficult, however, when people are always telling him how he doesn't deserve to have this or that, or to be in this position, or that he's not good enough to do what he's trying to do. It's exhausting, but he believes in himself in spite of the things that they say. On the days that he feels like giving up, he looks in the mirror and just pushes a little bit harder. I hate that I'm so weak. Hard work isn't enough. David's heart condition slows him down and he knows that he could do more if he had a stronger heart. Being weak means that he can't always set the example for his students that he thinks that he ought to, and he frequently feels like an impostor. All of the hard work that he puts into what he does doesn't mean a thing if he's all bark and no bite. The down days can really knock his self esteem, and he wishes that he could do better, be better, and do more. I know I can prove myself if they give me a chance. On the better days, David is full of confidence and he's angry that people aren't giving him enough of a shot at making the most of a difficult situation. It makes him angry, but that's what he needs to take a confidence boost for himself. Anger is a good drive for David, though he doesn't like the way that it feels to be angry so much of the time and this is an emotion that he avoids when he can.

Post-Mortem Impressions

He should have taken better care of himself. A lot of people -- those who don't know David well -- will feel that he ought to have done more to take care of himself. David was always just a little bit overweight, and some people might think that he invited heart disease just by being on the chunky side. Or they might think that he should have given his heart more breaks instead of constantly pushing himself so hard. Either way, there will always be people who think that he should have done better at taking care of himself. How did he die? He took such good care of himself! The opposite also exists: The people who know how hard David worked to take care of himself. Exercise can be good for the heart, although he probably needed to rest more than he did. He ate well during his life, kept up with his medication, and slept on a schedule. These people know David better than those who criticize his lifestyle, but there is some truth to both sides of the equation. He deserved every opportunity he got. Good man. When David is gone, more people are likely to see how hard he worked, and the good that he did in the world. As somebody who came from a difficult foster care situation to be adopted as an older child, he proved that there was worth to people like the students who he took care of. The students might not have realized it until, in death, his story could be revealed to them, but in the end, he proved that he was worth every opportunity he received from the ranch.

Mun Impressions

I'm trying to do a better, more thorough job with these, so expect a lengthy word-vomit in this section henceforth for every application that I do. First of all, I want to express how much I like David as a person. When I look at him as a whole person -- the combination of his strengths and his faults -- I see a good person who wants to make the world a better place (and who is concerned that he will leave the world without having made an impact on it). He treats other people the way that he would expect to be treated. This isn't always perfect, and while I can see why there have been some upsets with him in the past, I have to confess that I like how straightforward he is. David doesn't pull any punches, and I appreciate that about him. At the same time, I have a series of people in my head who are able to communicate with one another. I, of course, am capable of listening in on their conversations. I wish that he'd go a little bit easier and allow parents to do their job with their kids instead of stepping in and trying to make things work the way that he wants them to work. Not everybody functions the way that David does, and I completely understand why he irritates so many people. I cannot express enough, however, how difficult David is to define. This has been one of the most difficult apps that I have ever written because there is so much conflict going on with David. My goal was to make a thorough application that gave as much information as possible about my boy, but I fear that there are still missing components. We'll see when it's all done!


First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Ex Boyfriend

David and his ex broke up three years ago. During the time that they were together (about two years), they had a good relationship, and David's still not over him. He's not sure why the two of them wound up breaking up, and he suspects that it's something that he did wrong. He's been insecure ever since then and he's wound up not being in a relationship with another guy since the breakup. It's been hard on David, and he's still carrying a torch for this guy.


Lochlann Grange • Adoptive Father

The best thing about Lock in a lot of ways has been how hard on David he's always been. Lock's not a strict father, but he's the type of steady person who has expectations and requirements. He's never permitted David to step outside of his boundaries, and it is in large part thanks to Lock that he has gotten as far as what he has. David appreciates Lock more than he can say and he still tries to spend as much time with his dad as he can.

Tyler Grange • Adoptive Grandfather

Stricter than Lock but still laid back, Ty gave David a lot of the foundation that he needed to succeed on the ranch. Whenever Lock let David get away with a little bit too much, Ty pushed him back in line. He's one of the people who David respects the most in the world and more than anything, if Ty tells David to do something, David will do it, even if it goes against his own gut instincts.

Camden Jacobs • Twin Brother

David spent most of his life separated from his twin brother, who he didn't meet until they were both in their teens. Of all of the people in his life, Cam is the one who David loves the most. The pair of them are independent with one another, but at the same time they spend a lot of time together and they enjoy the time that they have. It's meant a lot to him to reconnect with his twin after this many years.


First Last • Relationship

Bacon ipsum dolor amet brisket shoulder pork belly, prosciutto cupim jerky andouille meatball ham hock porchetta landjaeger. Cupim shank filet mignon, corned beef rump brisket salami biltong shankle drumstick chicken. Rump turducken brisket, porchetta ball tip sausage spare ribs. Strip steak corned beef short loin prosciutto chicken. Sausage pork chop tail meatloaf. Cupim spare ribs boudin andouille. Ham hock shankle capicola leberkas pancetta.


Sleep Routine

It's a matter of health for David to keep himself on a fairly strict sleep schedule. Five nights a week he goes to bed at ten o'clock and gets up at six in the morning. Getting enough sleep is critical, especially with his active lifestyle, and David doesn't tend to sleep in the afternoons (even when he ought to). On the weekends he's in bed by midnight, and he doesn't stay out later than eleven unless there is an emergency situation that calls for him to be out for longer than he had expected to be.

Daily Medication

David takes several medications twice a day in order to keep his heart in the best shape possible. Since it's already failing him, he has to be careful. His most routine medication is a diuretic that helps to drain the fluids from his body (which is a major issue with the problems that he has with his heart). Either way, he is careful to make sure that he gets every dose of the medication that is keeping him alive. No emergency will interrupt him in this; If he has to go home to take his medication, he'll go home regardless of what's happening on the ranch.

Weekly Catch-Up

Every Friday night David goes out to the tavern with his brother Camden so that they can catch up on that week's activities. They have a couple of drinks and catch up on life on the ranch. Though they work together and their paths often cross, this is the way that the two of them "make up for lost time." It's one of the rare occasions that their time together is really just about them and not about their jobs and what they are doing for work; Every Friday they manage to talk about the things that really matter to both of them.


Healthy Diet

For somebody with a bit of extra weight on him, David eats a surprisingly healthy diet. He's careful about the nutrients that he takes in, avoids foods that are high in fat, and attempts to balance out the vitamins and minerals that he's supposed to get. Sometimes his diet is a bit high in calories, but that's often because of the amount of exercise that he gets. He's got to do something to keep up the energy that he needs for his activities.

Chest Scar

Once or twice a year (and sometimes more often), David has to have surgery to drain fluid from his lungs. The result is a scar that runs the left side of his chest beneath his arm. Most people don't get to see it, but anybody close enough to hang out at his cabin will have seen it once or twice. David doesn't like people to know about his heart condition so he's extremely secretive about the scar that he has on his chest. He'd hate for students to find out about it.

Prefers to go Naked

Whenever he's at home, David prefers to be naked. He comes in the door after work, shuts it, makes sure it's secure, and instantly strips out of all of his clothes. We're not talking "naked except for his boxers," we're talking "naked as the day he was born" (except for his piercing). He spends most of his time like this when he's at home, and he doesn't discriminate if there's company over. Unless it's one of his bosses or a student, he will be stark naked in his own home. It's a bit awkward, since he lives on the ranch!

Prince Albert Piercing

When David was seventeen, he got his penis pierced. That's right, he has a Prince Albert piercing. This piercing goes through the underside of the penile shaft. Among other things, this means that his penis is perforated, and he must sit down to use the toilet. He also always bottoms sexually since he doesn't want to risk the introduction of infection into the holes in his penis. It's turned out not to be as fun a piercing as he had hoped, but removing it would require surgery to return his penis to normal.



Definitely David's favorite way to spend his time when he's not working, he loves rappelling. There's been some question about whether this is actually good for his heart, but he's managed to work it out where he rests as much as possible before and after he goes to the cliffs. It's one of the things that would be the hardest for him to give up if he was told that he had to stop some of his activities in order to get a new heart.


Perhaps odd for such an outdoorsy man, David loves to play the piano. He's better at it than he thinks that he is, but this is one way that he has been able to spend the time that he must be "down" and not active. Playing brings him some peace and since it's not a physical activity it's one of the few things that he can do when he has to rest his heart and take a break from the more engaging activities that he prefers.

Logic Problems

At its worst, David's heart has kept him in bed for two or three weeks at a time (usually due to coughing and fluid on his lungs). During these times he has learned to enjoy pencil puzzles, but none as much as he loves logic problems. He's gotten quite good at them and has some skill in creating them as well as working them out.


Healthy Cooking • Exceptional

David has to be careful about what he eats. He balances his nutrients carefully and he's excellent at tracking the nutrients that he needs to eat (those going in) relative to the calories that he's able to burn (those going out). Due to the need to often eat separate meals from his family, he's learned how to prepare meals that are good for him and which taste good too. He can't always get Lock or Ty to eat them with him, but most of his friends do enjoy the balanced meals that he prepares.

Leadership • Excellent

One of the great things about David is that he leads by example. He doesn't believe that his students should do what he says, but that they should do what he does. This makes him a remarkable leader, especially for young people. He's great at his job, even if a lot of people on the ranch are jealous of his abilities and don't like to give him credit for the work that he's doing with the students. More than a skill, this is an innate talent, something that stands out about him.

Origami • Good

Another skill that David learned while entertaining himself during times he was sick, David has learned good origami skills. He remembers many folds without having to have instructions for them and in a pinch he can entertain students by folding up something at, say, the lunch table. He's good with students who need a distraction from the eating, and can turn out a series of jumping frogs that will entertain a handful of students.



One of the ways that David had maintained control of his situation is to learn as much as he can about heart health. He devours any literature that he can get his hands on, and although he doesn't end to use technology to find information, he will make a point of purchasing journals that he can read up on the subject of recent developments in cardiology. If he's going to live the longest life possible, he has to know how best to take care of himself.


Although he is too young to adopt at this point in time (or at least believes himself to be), David has had a good adoption experience in spite of his long time in foster care. All aspects of adoption interest him, from adoption itself to reunion. It's difficult for him to consider infant adoption, however, and it doesn't tend to even factor in on his radar. In David's mind, adoption is all about the teenagers who have been waiting in foster care for several years before finally finding a family of their own.


David himself is agnostic, but while he's unsure of a higher power above himself, he does believe that there is a need for spirituality and that it has an effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of the person who practices a spiritual lifestyle. He's begun to try meditation and even some yoga in order to help himself relax when he's feeling stressed. So far it seems to be working, but he doesn't want to put too much stock into that.

Desired Plots

The Rumor Mill

I would really like to see this one happen. I've referenced it throughout this application and it's actually quite important to me that rumors circulate on the ranch about where David was for two years and about his ability to do his job on the ranch. How it starts is up to the person who decides they want to be the focal point of this rumor mill (though I will state outright that I do not think that it would be best for Nick Fisher to start this plot up [for Nick's benefit more than for David's]), but the goal here is for rumors to begin to make their way around the ranch about David. It would be particularly interesting if these rumors had a "Chinese whispers" appeal in that one statement starts the gossip going, but that over time it becomes something entirely different than what it started out as. For example, a rumor might start that David has to sit out of some group activities because he's too overweight to handle the activity, but could work its way around to David having some kind of a STI. Of course things don't have to go in this direction, but that's one way that this could be taken. Cookies for anybody whose character participates in any gossip going on about David. It's not only something that gives me something to play off of, but it helps to define your character as well, and it could wind up working its way into a site-wide plot that could benefit a lot of people. If you're interested in being part of this, please let me know! (I may also put up a member plot about this so that people can sign up for it, so watch out for that as well!).

Holding Back

The Wellwaders are a highly driven group on their own -- David and Helen aren't required to drive the students forward. They're good enough at driving themselves that they don't necessarily need additional motivation from their leaders. They are the sort of group where members push one another forward continually, and they notice when there is a member of the group who holds them back from achieving their goals. Since the goal for Wellwaders is often "to win," being held back can be catastrophic. There will always be a student or two who hold the group back, that's for sure. In this case, however, both David and Helen have a handicap that could wind up holding the group back. Between Helen being an amputee and David having a weak heart, there's serious potential for either or both of them to have to sit out on some activities. David believes, firmly, in leading the group by example, so having to sit out of things is frustrating for him and he believes that it sets the wrong example for his group. I'd love a story line (ongoing, more than one plot if possible), where David himself is holding the group up. Whether this results in some of the group members spreading new rumors about him or in direct confrontation will remain up to the people who engage with this plot, but it would be a lot of fun to see how he deals with this. It would make him uncomfortable at first, but he's not going to give in and reveal what's actually going on with him. The right person might just be able to get close enough to find out the additional information, however, and that's where this could get fun and turn into more of an ongoing relationship between David and that person.

Actual Collapse

In addition to the above, I plan to at some point have David actually collapse at some point during a group activity. Normally he's pretty on top of things and he generally starts to cough long before he actually needs the hospital, but there are a lot of factors that could weigh in. He ought to be taking his pulse more often to make sure that his heart rate is high enough and that his blood pressure hasn't dropped (or risen) too much. These things could all result in him potentially passing out or otherwise collapsing on the trail. This plot (single thread with ongoing consequences) could be an opportunity for your character to show compassion for another person (for David), or to show their true colors by being a jerk to somebody who needs compassion. It's entirely up to you! If the initial thread for this goes well and someone behaves in a compassionate way, it's also an opportunity to see the better side of David. He's a great listener who often doesn't get that chance because people have the wrong impression of him from the start.

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Lou and David
TW: Heart condition, weight talk I know this is rushed because I’m at work, but I wanted to finally get David accepted for you! I think sometimes the obvious answer is the best answer – assuming David does occasionally get himself checked out at the infirmary instead of his cardiologist Lou would discover his heart condition in a split second. He’ll see the scars know it’s been a life-long condition. After that Lou will think David is an idiot for the sheer stress he puts on himself. He gives David a ton of shit for pushing his heart beyond what Lou thinks is healthy. While he’s impressed by the own research David has done into his own condition, he’s highly unimpressed by some of the actions. He’d be on his case about his medication and I would go as far as to say Louis might reach out to someone higher up about the strain David is putting on his heart. This is a weak part behind this relationship, but Louis is extremely uncomfortable seeing extra weight on someone else, even if they’re otherwise in good physical shape. He doesn’t see how anyone could let themselves get up that high on the scale before intervening. I think Lou would also heavily press David to lose the extra fifteen pounds. He’d grow obsessed with David’s numbers and metrics in the same way that he does with himself. Louis has it deeply ingrained in his mind that 1lb above a BMI of 24.9 means you’re doing serious damage to your body, and he’d want to send his blood out for analysis. I think it’d be fun if the blood work came back and showed David was healthier than Lou – who has tracked every micro and macronutrient in his body for nearly twenty years. I don’t see a friendship – beyond looking at medical research their interests don’t overlap. I’m down for Lou to perform a Thoracentesis procedure on David if the situation calls for it, and to give him shit when David is pushing himself too hard. I'll post with someone else in a bit!
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