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Welcome to Brook Haven!
Welcome to Brook Haven Ranch! We are a 18+ premium role playing community set in Trader's Bend, Montana. Our concept is the culmination of twenty years of plotting and planning. We feature a rich, developed program in which many troubled characters thrive. Our community is one of the best on jcink and we look forward to you becoming a part of it!
Healing Horses & Troubled Teens since 1995
Not every teenager has the benefit of growing up in a loving, happy home. Some are victims of abuse, neglect, a system that shuffles them from foster home to foster home. Brook Haven Ranch was established in 1995 as a refuge for abused and neglected horses -- and teenagers who needed a second chance in life and the opportunity to become something more than society expects of them.
8/25/2017 - Revamp Executed! 11/3/2017 - Holiday Event Launched!


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Staff Search!
It's that time again! Brook Haven Ranch is looking to fill our empty staff roles. At the present time, we are looking for one Outreach Administrator, one Outreach Moderator, one Events Moderator, and one Global/Graphics moderator.

If you are interested in joining the staff of Brook Haven Ranch, please read through the following information before you decide to apply.


Before you proceed with your intention to join our staff, we want to save you time by going over the most important parts first.
  • You must have an approved character in order to join our staff. This means that you should submit your character application and do some plotting before you submit an application as a staff member. We will treat all applications equally on a first-come, first-serve basis. Long-term members will not be given priority over new members. Drive supersedes longevity.
  • You must do the job you were hired to do. If you sign up for the Outreach team, we will want to see that First Links aren't accumulating in the First Links forum. If you sign up for the Events Team, we want to see that you're advancing Mustang Challenges and tracking roulettes. If you fail to do the job you were hired for, you may be removed from staff.
  • You must be over the age of 21. Our minimum age for members is 18, but we prefer for our staff to be over the age of 21. We're a mature group with a mature group of staff who are all older than 25. We're uncomfortable with staff members who are under the age of 21, so please be an adult and mature enough to handle the site's themes and discussion of those themes in a sometimes fast-paced environment.
  • You must have Discord. Our staff chat is on Discord and your access to it is critical to your ability to do the job at hand. We routinely discuss applications, cover things regarding rules, and discuss member problems. This is all done via chat and not via our staff forum, so you'll need to be able to use it. If you don't have Discord, you can download it here.

Ideal Applicant

We are looking for staff members who possess the following traits.
  • Unprejudiced - Our staff is a diverse group of people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, racial backgrounds, and even nationalities. Many of our staff members are LGBT. We have a variety of hobbies, and most of us struggle with neurodivergence or mental illness. We're looking for staff who are unprejudiced toward people like us, or toward our members.
  • Advanced Roleplayer - Please understand, first, that we define "advanced" as someone who is capable of cuing their partner in their threads. This means that you move threads forward without forcing your partner to carry the entire thread. You should be able to tell not only your character's story, but to contribute to the story that your partner is trying to tell for their character as well.
  • Good Speller/Grammarian - Not everybody has great spelling and grammar, and we accept that on the whole. However, we expect more from our staff members. Please be capable of using good spelling and proper grammar in your posts. Mistakes are expected (we all make them) but we want to see an effort from our staff to use good spelling and grammar.
  • Good Character Developer - We want our staff to be capable of developing a rich and interesting character. Staff should be capable of completing a character with hobbies, quirks, and other components, while also telling a story. Your character should be well-planned with a story to tell before you choose to join the staff. A good comprehension of our application and willingness to complete it thoroughly is a must.
  • Motivated - Due to our commitment to our members, Brook Haven Ranch requires a lot of behind-the-scenes activity from our staff. We plan, we post, we promote. Our staff must be self-motivated and hard-working enough to keep things running even during the slow times. The head staff doesn't want to have to chase you down to get you to do the job for which we hired you. It makes us happy when our Outreach staff advertises without being reminded, or when our Events staff sorts event-related materials without a reminder.

General Responsibilities

The following responsibilities pertain to all staff members, regardless of their team. If you do not participate in helping out with these assignments, your team leader may discuss the problem with you and determine whether you are suited for this position after all.
  • Update Claims - This should be done no less frequently than once every 24 hours. Check them daily. Track the claims forum if you have to. Keep up to date on claims.
  • Rate Applications - We work as a team to determine whether an application is accepted. Most of the time we ask that at least three staff members look over an application. All staff are expected to contribute.
  • Sort Member Accounts - When members get their first application accepted, they go from "incoming" to "members" user group. All members of staff are responsible for making this switch when they sort the applications.
  • Answer Guest Questions - If guests have questions -- and they will, this site is complex -- the staff is responsible for answering them. If you don't know the answer, refer them to the Q&A section or one of the Founding Admins.
  • Contribute to Weekly - Ultimately I'd like to see every member of staff contribute something to the Weekly, particularly as a "column" in which you talk about what you're happy about that week (pertaining to the site). At the very least, we want staff to contribute their thoughts on who should be featured.

Event Responsibilities

Event moderators are expected to contribute to the following, and may be dismissed if they are found not to be participating in their jobs.
  • Plan in-character events. These take place monthly when the site is live and active, and all events team members need to contribute a minimum of one idea per quarter that the site is open. Do not leave the responsibility purely on the shoulders of the events team admin; Come up with ideas that you think will contribute to the site and contribute them.
  • Devise event roulette prompts. Each of our events comes with an event roulette which gets two participating characters matched at random. Each pair is given a prompt to work out for the event. Events team members are expected to come up with these prompts and to write them out for use with specific events.
  • Create award graphics. You should have the graphic skill to create award graphics for members/characters who win various awards on the site. These should generally be blends, as Event Admin Ava has the pixel awards covered in this department. We will need to see an example of your graphics to accept you to this team!
  • Plan out of character challenges. You are also essentially the challenge team (though the community team also contributes to this, significantly). We want our Events team to come up with ideas for challenges that will get the members excited and participating out of character in the site.
  • Update the awards. When somebody requests an award, it is up to the Events team to post the award to their account. If you do not know how to do this, please confer with Devin or Ava and we will teach you the proper way to update awards. This is the one responsibility you are most likely to neglect, as it can get overwhelming. Please keep on top of this. Community team will help!

Outreach Responsibilities

Outreach moderators are expected to contribute to the following, and may be dismissed if they are found not to be participating in their jobs.
  • Advertise the site on other sites. This is pretty self-explanatory. We expect you to do a minimum of ten first links every week, plus keep the First Links forum clear by linking back and then sorting the accepted links to the appropriate forum.
  • Greet guests in the cbox. You should be quick and eager to greet guests in the cbox. Make sure that they feel acknowledged and that they know that you're there to answer any questions that they have. Do not allow the cbox to roll around them while they get ignored.
  • Send a personal message to new members. This only needs to be done once, not every time that they make a new character, but you should send a personal message to welcome new members, even before they have done their introduction or started their first character. The purpose of this message is to let them know that you are available to answer questions if necessary. It should be personal and not canned!
  • Plot with new members. Reach out to new members as outreach. Make sure that you're offering new members threads and not just empty relationships and promises. Use wording like "shall I start or do you want to?" That way you're moving your idea into a thread and keeping activity up.
  • Reach out to inactive members. Try to find out if there's a problem, if they're feeling left out, or if they're simply busy. This helps us to keep up our community feel, but it also helps us to cut the dead weight. If somebody's not with us any more, this allows us to drop the characters who aren't currently active on the site -- and their players.
Outreach Admins should do all of the above while also making sure that their staff continues to keep up with their responsibilities. You will have a higher access level to the site and more say in the way that things are done here, but also more responsibility in making sure that everybody is doing what they're supposed to be doing!

Global/Graphics Moderator

Global moderators help where they are needed, performing duties of any positions not otherwise filled while supporting the entire administrative team when necessary. If you wish to float from position to position, or believe you can contribute on a broader level, you should apply for the Global moderator position. We expect our global mods to have graphics experience in order to help with the creation of various awards. Thank you!

To Apply

You may either copy and paste this into a reply below, or PM it to BOTH Otter and River for our review. Please complete the form fully. We've included one for Admin and one for Mods.

For Moderator Positions:

[open]Applying for Mod[/open][body][b]Your Alias:[/b]
[b]Your Age:[/b]
[b]Your Character(s):[/b] (please link to their shippers!)
[b]What team are you applying for?[/b] (you may choose more than one and we can place you if you're not sure!)
[b]Examples of your graphic work:[/b] (at least three signatures or blends please! [omit if not applying for outreach moderator])
[b]How active do you intend to be?[/b] (be honest with us please!)
[b]What are your responsibilities as you see them?[/b] (try not to reiterate what we've said above -- use your own words!)
[b]What do you believe you can contribute to your chosen team?[/b] (tell us how you think you'll work with this team and what you can contribute.)[/body]

For Outreach Admin Position:

[open]Applying for Mod[/open][body][b]Your Alias:[/b]
[b]Your Age:[/b]
[b]Your Character(s):[/b] (please link to their shippers!)
[b]How active do you intend to be?[/b] (be honest with us please!)
[b]What are your responsibilities as you see them?[/b] (try not to reiterate what we've said above -- use your own words!)
[b]What do you believe you can contribute to your chosen team?[/b] (tell us how you think you'll work with this team and what you can contribute.)[/body]

We will make decisions on applications for staff as we receive them.
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