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Welcome to Brook Haven Ranch! We are a 18+ premium role playing community set in Trader's Bend, Montana. Our concept is the culmination of twenty years of plotting and planning. We feature a rich, developed program in which many troubled characters thrive. Our community is one of the best on jcink and we look forward to you becoming a part of it!
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Not every teenager has the benefit of growing up in a loving, happy home. Some are victims of abuse, neglect, a system that shuffles them from foster home to foster home. Brook Haven Ranch was established in 1995 as a refuge for abused and neglected horses -- and teenagers who needed a second chance in life and the opportunity to become something more than society expects of them.
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 Bend It, Break It, Stretch It Some, 32 / Tenderfoot / Arden Cho
katelyn yu
Social Worker • 32 YRS
Social Worker
Sexual Orientation
Josh Tanner
Riding Style
Kate grew up as the only daughter in a semi-traditional Korean-American family. Her mother pushed her to study the piano until Kate thought her fingers (or her ears) were going to bleed, while her father encouraged her to follow her dreams. AS a result, she left the piano behind and became a red and white belt in Judo (6th dan) and a black belt in TaeKwondo (5th dan).

She went to college to be a social worker after she helped her best friend in childhood escape from his abusive parents. He survived because of her, and the feeling that it was possible for her to make that big a difference in the lives of people she cared about drove her to do something bigger with her life, to continue to put that effort into "saving children."

It was through her job that she met her current boyfriend, Josh Tanner. He is a police officer who helped her on a couple of cases, a man who had already adopted as a single father and who would later do so again. He inspired her, and the two of them have been together for the past ten years. Kate doesn't always agree with what he does (he's a struggling drug addict who may also have an alcohol problem), but she loves him nonetheless, and therefore she is strongly committed to Josh.

Kate is what she likes to refer to as a "badass social worker." She rides a Harley Davidson (two, actually -- her Softail and her Lowrider) without sitting behind a man to do so; She is a master of Judo; She has taken control of her own destiny without expectations from other people. She does very well for herself in the general sense of the word, and she believes that everybody has the opportunity to make the most out of their lives, and therefore that they should push to be the best that they can be.

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Katelyn Yu
TW: list triggers here, separated by commas


Full Name: Katelyn Elizabeth Yu
Nickname/Alias: Kate, Katie
Date of Birth: August 1st, 1985
Current Age: 32
Gender: Cisfemale
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
User Group: Tenderfoot
Sub-Group: Leader


Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: blue (black)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Scars or Marks: no significant scars
Tattoos or Piercings none
Face Claim: arden cho


Likes: kids, josh, josh's kids, harley davidson, judo, winning, german food, rich food, rock music, her parents, her best friend, animals, the ranch, working with kids, saving kids, being a hero, fighting, the open road, riding, tae kwon do, wwe, walks in the park, the zoo, baseball games, competition, winning, coaching, helping other people win, building people up, being a strong woman
Dislikes: addiction, narcotics, pain, knives, guns, people who don't fight fair, overindulgence in alcohol, having to punish the kids, wet weather, drivers who don't pay attention, anti-bike people, sweating under leathers, helmet hair, worrying about josh, playing the piano, sonata #3, confined spaces, narrow beds, beauty commercials, beauty blogs, social norms
Strengths: creative, passionate, generous, spirited, hard-worker, dedicated, committed to a cause, sees things through, active, athletic, inspiring, gregarious, outgoing, eager, gentle, intelligent
Weaknesses: overzealous, impatient, unable to be distracted, cynical, lacking curiosity, can be aggressive, doesn't think things through, one-track mind, doesn't know when to step away, obsessive, compulsive
Secrets: kate has regrets over some of the families she's separated
Vices: giving in to temper
Fears: josh overdosing, brian being arrested, hurting somebody in a fight, being hit by a car, being shot, confined spaces, loud thunder storms, getting in a motorcycle accident, spontaneous human combustion
Aspirations: marry josh, raise brian through college graduation, see the tenderfoot kids graduate the program, make a difference in the lives of the kids she's helped


Romantic Orientation: panromantic
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Relationship Status: engaged
Significant Other: joshua tanner


Career/Occupation: social worker / leader of tenderfoot group
Education: master degree of social work
Dream Job: guardian ad litem / missionary
Home Town: aurora, new york
Religion: christian

Equestrian Life

Preferred Riding Style: english
Disciplines: english pleasure riding, trail riding, endurance riding
Riding Strengths: strong lower body, good seat
Riding Weaknesses: hard hands, too controlling, poor bond

10 Great Loves

1. Joshua Tanner Kate has been in love with Josh since the night that they met on a call in Birmingham, Alabama, where the both of them were working at the time. She was touched by his patience with the thirteen year-old boy whose father had beaten his mother so badly that the paramedics had been unable to revive her on site, and she impressed him with the way she didn't take crap from the father who had done it. They made a great team, though he was a cop and she a social worker working with Child Protective Services, and within three weeks they were a steady couple. They've been together for nine years now have a particularly playful relationship. Some people might think the age difference is concerning, but Kate doesn't see Josh as an older man so much as he is her best friend.

2. Harley Davidson When she was eighteen, Kate's parents purchased her her first motorcycle. It was a Harley Lowrider, and she fell in love with the orange and the feel of the bike beneath her. It was a good fit for her slender body, and she still owns that motorcycle, though she doesn't ride it as often as she used to. It's her baby, and she takes excellent care of it, but these days prefers the Softtail for regular transportation. If the weather is decent, she is nearly always on a bike instead of driving her regular Ford Taurus (black, with white leather interior, custom interior and features).

3. Her Father Though he does rank slightly behind her Harley Davidson obsession, Kate's father is the center of her world. The two of them have always been close, and though he has held high expectations for her, he has always been consistent and patient with her meeting them. Kate argues that she wouldn't be the person she is today if her father hadn't given her the power and showed her that she had as much strength as anybody else did. He was the one who taught her Taekwondo and then later, Judo, and taught her where to find her inner strength. Without him, she doubts that she'd be the powerful, passionate social worker she is.

4. Her Children The kids are technically Josh's and not hers. She's never adopted them, not signed any paperwork to legally become their mother, and besides, Journey is only 11 years younger than Kate is. She loves them just the same, however, and she considers Journey and Brian to be her children and not just Josh's alone. She'd do anything for those two kids and they are important to her. Kate has defended both of them from time to time against people who didn't understand the holes in Journey's face or Brian's persistence in smoking pot when he's told no, but she loves those kids fiercely and she will do whatever she can to protect them.

5. Social Work By the time she was thirteen, Kate knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to be the person who came to the rescue when somebody hurt a child. When she was a little girl, a girl in her class came to school day after day with bruises on his legs and arms, and he became her best friend. When he was later taken from his abusive, drug addicted mother and placed into a foster home at the age of nine, Kate watched her friend turn into a vivacious, caring young man who thrived with new parents. He was adopted when he was twelve, and that was the first that she thought she wanted to be the person who made that happen for other kids.

6. Her Best Friend Raul has always been there for Kate through thick and thin. They've laughed and cried on one another since they were schoolmates together and he's been a strong and steady influence in her life. She loves him with everything in her and would do anything that she can to protect him from the world. He's the reason that she decided to become a social worker, and she trusts him with all of her secrets -- including those she won't trust Josh with. They are so close that when she moved to Trader's Bend, he came with her to work at Brook Haven with her so that he could "pay it forward" what someone had done for him as a kid.

7. Good Food Though she's partial to German food in particular, Kate loves all excellent food, and she will eat in large amounts if she's permitted to. Her high metabolism hasn't slowed down even now that she's in her thirties and she keeps herself in shape by doing a lot of running in her free time. She's not much of a cook, but that's okay because her ~daughter Journey is, and though Journey prefers Thai cooking while Kate's favorite is German dishes, she's happy to have a good meal on the table every night and she will tuck into a plate of food like a teenage boy during a growth spurt, especially if she's been working particularly hard.

8. Children It might surprise some people to know that Kate doesn't work as a social worker because she loves children (who make her top ten list but only as #7) but because she is invested in their rights as humans. Over the years she's come to love the children themselves, too, and she has a soft spot for troubled teens from rough backgrounds. Thanks to Josh adopting two troubled kids himself, she's learned a lot about who they are underneath the chaos of their minds, and she's become good at detecting which kids need some tough love and which kids just need to have some love. One day she'd like to adopt herself, though she would prefer to adopt a child of Korean ancestry.

9. Rock Music When Kate is at Josh's place using his garage, she turns the music on her stereo up loud. It's always rock music, usually hard rock, and if she can't play it loud on the stereo then she will wear full-ear-cover headphones and blast it on her iPod. People sometimes ask her if she regrets not having learned how to play an instrument, but the answer to that is a clear "no." She'll laugh if she hears another person ask her because as far as she's concerned, she doesn't have a musical bone in her body. Listening is enough for her, and sometimes she will sing off key, but she's never learned how to read the notes.

10. Her Mother Kate's mother makes her list, but she's toward the bottom of it, and she lacks the passionate love for her mother that she has for her father. When she says that she doesn't play a musical instrument, that's a lie. It's more that she hates to play because her mother forced her to sit for long hours at the piano learning the notes and how to play them. Her father maintains now that it's one of the things that made her so good at Martial Arts: Music taught her how to think. She no longer plays as a result, and resents her mother because of this association.

9 Moments of Clarity

1. Raul's Rescue Before Raul, Kate saw herself as a little girl, weak and unable to make anybody's life better or to change anything in the world. When she reported his bruises to her teacher and demanded that the teacher did something about it, she learned that she was more than just a little girl. In that one moment she had a power more than any other. Later, Kate would come to understand that she had saved a life. This was the first moment in her life when she understood that she could make a difference, and that sometimes if she could make a difference in one life, that she could make a difference in the world.

2. Sonata #3 When she was a child, Kate's mother demanded that she learn to play the piano, and that she learn to play it well. Kate argues that she was never very good, but that wasn't necessarily the truth. She wasn't a particularly good student, but she has an excellent ear for music (even if she can't sing to save her life!). This was the piece that nearly conquered her, and the reason that she gave up on music for good. Though it helped her in a lot of ways, Kate discovered that music was not the thing that brought her to her center, no matter how much it helped her to focus on her Taekwondo practice.

3. Red and White Kate was twenty-four when she received her red and white belt in Judo, and it meant more to her than the black belt she'd earned in Taekwondo three years prior to that. Years of training had culminated in her reaching the 6th dan of Judo, and the belt was a symbol of what she'd learned along the way. Judo was what taught Kate how to center herself and to harness her own inner power. It gave her strength and taught her to have courage and faith in herself. If it wasn't for Judo, Kate doesn't believe that she would have become the social worker that she did.

4. The Lowrider When she was still a teenager, Kate's parents purchased her a Harley Davidson Lowrider. At the time it was her dream bike, the most important thing that she had ever owned. It taught her how to do more than take care of herself, but to take care of something else -- something else that had power. She loved the bike and kept it in excellent condition. Although she no longer rides it, it was the birth of her love affair with Harley Davidson and she will never sell the bike -- though she may one day pass it on to one of her children.

5. And Blue The first time she met Josh, Kate was twenty-two years old, fresh out of college, and working hard to prove herself as a green social worker. While the other workers in her job -- those low-ranking peons whose primary purpose was to fill the void -- struggled to make decisions, she was quick. That was why she went out that Independence day to take care of a little boy whose father had beaten his mother unconscious. For Kate -- and to some extent for Josh -- the day had a new meaning. That little boy was, for the first time, independent of his abusive father. It's an experience she'll never forget.

6. S is for Stupid It was a year and a half after Josh adopted Brian before Kate saw him with his shirt off. She might never have seen the criss-cross of scars across her ~son's back if it wasn't for the broken lock on the bathroom door and her sense of panic that something was wrong. Brian was fine, of course, but that was the first time that Kate saw the "S" shaped burn (brand) on the back of his neck. "S is for stupid," he told her later when they sat down to talk about it. Kate had known that things could be bad for kids in foster care, but this was the first time that she fully understood that foster parents can sometimes be as brutal -- if not more so -- then abusive natural parents.

7. Hydro in the Cupboard Josh has been prescribed oxycodone for the control of tissue damage in his left leg, caused when he interrupted a bar fight and was stabbed in the leg. The first time that Kate realized that her partner had a problem was when she found hydrocodone in the cupboard in the kitchen. His prescription is for Vicodin and not for Percoset, and the fact that he has illegally obtained prescription drugs unsettled her. This is one of the reasons that she has yet to agree to marry him, though he's asked her once (and not since); She needs to see that his addiction is under control.

8. I'll Love You Forever Two years ago Kate's father suffered a heart attack that put him in the hospital and required four months of therapy in order for him to recover. He's always been healthy before that, and Kate believed that her parents ate well (a diet primarily based on traditional Korean foods). Now she's had to assess her own dietary habits and her consumption of rich European dishes. She worries about losing her father and though she has always been close to him, this brought into focus how much she loves him.

9. Brook Haven Kate has always been privileged, and she knows that. Even growing up in small-town America as the child of Korean immigrants, she has always known herself to be privileged. Moving to Trader's Bend brought into focus the fact that the world doesn't exist in the bubble that she made for herself, and though she's seen horrible things in the world outside, the things that people will do to children in Trader's Bend continues to astonish her. Children at the ranch are discriminated against because they had the misfortune to have awful parents. They have helped her to see the world differently, and to look differently even at the children she serves.

Eight Character Flaws

1. Judgmental Due in part to her career of choice, Kate is quick to judge a person without a great deal of evidence. She's trained to assess a situation quickly and to get a child out of danger before he or she is injured by someone with more power, and sometimes she's quicker to make a judgment than she ought to be. This has earned her a reputation throughout Trader's Bend very quickly as being a particularly judgmental person, and worse, a dangerous social worker in terms of her experience with CPS. Parents who are less than stellar and who make even common mistakes do need to fear her judgment.

2. Tactless She would consider herself to be "straightforward" or "to the point" and Kate generally couches this in more positive terms rather than seeing herself as being tactless. Kate rarely takes the time to think of more sensitive ways to say what she wishes to convey, and she can be incredibly offensive to people when she has something that she wants to say. In some ways this makes her fit in really well with the xenophobic small town, since people in Trader's Bend generally don't put much time and effort into being sensitive to the feelings of others, and it might be winning her some friends among the locals.

3. Self-Righteous Although she has reasons that she does the things that she does, for the most part Kate does what she does because she wants to make herself feel good about what she's doing. As with her tactless trait, she tends to try to find a way to make out that she does what she does in order to help other people while in truth most of her actions promote her sense that she's a good person who helps other people. She has trouble seeing the chaos that she leaves in her wake, including the fact that many potentially great families have been torn apart instead of her working with parents to maintain their parental rights.

4. Superstitious Faith is personal -- or so Kate believes -- but for her, faith has made her somewhat superstitious. She sees signs in everything, but has never been good at interpreting them. Though she identifies herself as a Korean Christian, she believes that there is meaning in everything, and "everything happens for a reason" is something that she says often, and with a smile. This grates on a lot of people, especially when she attempts to cite something negative as having a positive potential outcome. Some people don't understand her because of her superstition.

5. Overzealous In addition to being judgmental, Kate is awfully quick to get involved in things that she doesn't belong in, and she will push beyond the limits and capacity of her job if she believes that she is protecting, defending another person who needs to be defended. Sometimes she gets in her own way, and sometimes she pushes too far and too hard to get her way, especially when it comes to the safety of children, and most recently the safety of children at Brook Haven. Recently she's developed a reputation for going after teachers and other authorities who challenge "her" kids inappropriately.

6. Idealistic It's easy to see that Kate lives, mentally anyway, in an ideal world. She sees the world as being the place that she envisions and believes that the people around her are an anomaly. This makes it difficult for her to see the humanity in other people and makes it tough for her to accept when a person has flaws -- particularly when that's someone she cares about. Her problems with her mother are largely due to her idealistic attitudes and therefore she believes that her mother is the anomaly and ought to work harder to improve herself. She finds it hard to see the flaws in herself.

7. Blunt Kate's a woman who speaks her mind and doesn't have a filter that is intended to prevent people from getting hurt. This means, among other things, that she always tells the truth and doesn't exactly know the meaning of a little white lie. She's not the person to ask about your outfit if you can't handle her telling you how she feels about your choice to wear plaid with polka dots, and this isn't the best trait for keeping her friendships alive. She's hard on her friends and certainly harder on her enemies. Her rough language has gotten her disciplined twice at work.

8. Hypocritical Some people might argue that social workers are "always" this way, but Kate is particularly hypocritical. She doesn't look at herself with the same lens as she views other people, and while she will correct another parent for publicly scolding their small child, she has been known to yell at her (Josh's) kids in private when the mood is wrong. She doesn't always practice what she preaches with other parents and it's frustrating for the people around her that she doesn't always live by her own rules.

Seven Core Beliefs

1. Children Deserve Respect Growing up, Kate's parents respected her. Both of them, though she felt that she got more respect from her father than from her mother, treated her with respect and dignity, and she grew into the belief that all children deserve the same. She prides herself on not expecting a child to treat her with more respect than she treats them and for Kate, respect is an exchange between two people, not something that she holds over another person's head.

2. All Beliefs are Valid Although Kate is a Korean Christian, she believes that all beliefs and spiritual paths are valid, and the only thing she truly wishes for every child she comes into contact with is that they find some way to connect with spirit, even if they don't believe in God the way that she believes in God. She believes that children in particular deserve the right to make their own choices and that they shouldn't be forced down the path that their parents chose for themselves.

3. All Gods are Real Along the same lines, Kate believes that all Gods are real. This means that although she chooses to worship the God YHWH (the god of the Jews), she believes that all gods that are worshiped by people in the modern world are real by the creation of the people who believe in them. Beside which, her interpretation of the Bible is that there are more than one god but only one God that one ought to be worshiping.

4. People Can Change Sometimes she doesn't act as though she believes that people are capable of improving and changing themselves, but Kate strongly believes that everyone is capable of becoming a better person than they were when they started out. She believes that with therapy people can heal and that even the worst bigots in a town like this can turn into something better than they are at the present moment. This may only occasionally extend to difficult biological parents who mistreat their children, but she does believe that some of these can change as well.

5. People have Purpose Kate believes in the old adage that everything happens for a reason. To this end she also believes that people are put on earth for a purpose and that our goal in life needs to be to find what that purpose is. From the youngest child all the way up through elders, everyone is attempting to find their purpose and to complete it in order to continue through their lives. She believes that her purpose is to show other people that they have purpose, and so she works hard with the teens she guards at Second Chances to give them a sense that their lives have meaning.

6. Adoption is an Option But not the only option. Kate identifies herself as pro-life, but she doesn't want people to believe that the only choice that they have is to give their children up for adoption. She would prefer to see most parents attempt to parent, though she's quick to act if she feels that one of those parents has done something abusive toward a child. She's not the type of person who would ever stand up to say that a woman should not be permitted to have an abortion if she felt that it was the only option that she had, and she recognizes that someone who would abort isn't likely to give a child up for adoption.

7. Faith is Personal For everything that she believes in, Kate believes in keeping her personal beliefs under wraps. She doesn't force her beliefs on other people to the point that she rarely shares those beliefs, particularly where religion is concerned for her. Whatever a person's faith is, it belongs to them personally and it's not something that people ought to talk about a lot. She believes that those who push their beliefs on others are insecure in their own beliefs.

Six Personal Crises

1. Facing Her Faults It's not so much that Kate believes herself to be perfect and more that she struggles with knowing that her own faults have had an effect on the people that she meets with her job. Kate has always struggled, and about two years ago she ran into a case where she pulled a child from what she believed to be an abusive home and the biological mother later committed suicide. Her zeal is one of her worst flaws, and it resulted in another person's death. This is something that Kate will carry for the rest of her life, and she struggles with understanding that she's not a perfect person.

2. Dealing with Addiction When she was growing up, Kate had never been challenged by addiction. Her parents never so much as drank soda or coffee in the house when she was growing up, and so being confronted with Josh's addiction has been difficult for her. In Kate's mind this is a personal crisis because she has to come to terms with the fact that he has an addiction, and with what she can do to help him to resolve the power that alcohol and narcotics have over him. The fact that she can't seem to help him has destroyed her confidence in herself, largely as a social worker, and this is a true crisis for her.

3. Mother in her Heart The fact that Josh and Kate aren't married means that she can't be a legal mother to Josh's two children. She's considered adopting Journey when she does marry Josh because she believes that in spite of the fact that the girl is twenty-one years old now that she deserves to have that permanence. It's a crisis to her that she cannot overcome her feelings of being a mother without actually being a mother to those children, and she struggles with these relationships because she feels that she ought to be able to be more.

4. Moving on Out One of the toughest things that Kate has ever done is moving out of Josh's house when she had lived there for two years, but she could no longer live with him if he wasn't going to work through more of his struggles with addiction. She couldn't watch him wallow every day and so she gave him an incentive, by moving out. When he moved to Trader's Bend, she moved with him, but things haven't been the same due to her having decided that she couldn't live with him until he'd straightened his act out and gotten clean.

5. Marrying the Man Josh has asked Kate to marry him on more than one occasion, and she continues to tell him that he is, right now, married to his drugs. If he can divorce them, then she will marry him, but until that day comes it won't happen. With that being said she is completely and irrevocably in love with him and she wants nothing more than to have a family with the man who she loves, but she fears and dreads that it might not be possible. She'll never move on from Josh. That much is something that she's sure of so far.

6. Missed Period Kate's period is late now by two weeks. She's chalked it up to the stress of dealing with the barn fire and the fact that the entire town is pointing at two of her kids and saying that they're the ones who started all of this, but she's not sure that's the reason that it's late. With rumors of "something in the water" in Trader's Bend, she fears that she's pregnant with Josh's child. How is that going to turn out when she decides for the fourth time that she can't marry him?

Five Playlist Songs

1. Concrete Angel - Martina McBride

2. Respect - Aretha Franklin

3. Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

4. Who I Am - Jessica Andrews

5. Fucking Perfect - Pink

Four Morals

1. Always be grateful. Life sometimes throws you things that you don't like, but Kate lives on the principle that no matter how down you are, there is always something in life to be grateful for, and that we should praise God in the moment for the things that we do have instead of whining to Him about the things that we don't have. She believes that an attitude of gratitude makes the world go 'round and she tries to help other people to be more upbeat and happy as a result of adopting this attitude of gratitude.

2. Put others first. When she was a child, Kate's father taught her that she should always put the needs of others before herself, and she has carried this into her life today. For the most part for Kate this means that she puts her boyfriend and his children before herself, and she does tend to hold other people to this same insanely high standard, which means that sometimes she finds faults where there are none because a person is just taking care of themselves.

3. Take care of elders and children. Kate believes that a person ought to take care of their parents in their old age, and of their own children. Her belief is that the children were once cared for by the people now elders and that this is an exchange. When the parents are elderly, the children ought to step up for them, and that the parents ought to take care of the children because one day they are going to be old and rely on the children to care for them as well.

4. Defend the underdog. In every fight, there is an underdog, and Kate believes that a person ought to go to bat for the person who is more likely to lose on the basis that they are the one who need someone to defend and protect them more. If the underdog proves that they no longer need help, she will back way, but this moral belief is one of the reasons that she has stepped up so strongly to take care of kids in abusive situations, and the reason that she has a reputation as a badass social worker.

Three Key Fears

1. Losing her Father Kate's father is in perfect health, but he's getting older and she has become afraid that he's going to pass away. Eventually all things must die and she recognizes that this is part of the cycle of life but she doesn't want to face the loss of either of her parents, and the potential to lose her father is so great that she is terrified that it's going to happen before she's ready to handle losing him.

2. Losing Josh to Addiction She's already lost him more than once to his addiction, and it doesn't take Josh's death to cause her to lose him. All it takes is him deciding that he's not going to put aside the drugs and the alcohol for her, and at that point she will have lost him. It's one of the most terrifying things that she can thing of, and Kate struggles whenever he asks her to marry him again because this is the thing he's truly married to.

3. Discovery She's Not Perfect Kate tries to recognize her own flaws, but she is terrified of other people -- her father and her boyfriend in particular -- finding out that she isn't perfect and that she has her own set of flaws. It's hard for her to think about what might happen and who she might lose if someone finds out that she sometimes had to go home from a particularly rough case and cry her eyes out because of what she's seen, and the thought of someone diagnosing PTSD is terrifying.

Two Life Goals

1. Adopt a Child Josh has already adopted two remarkable children and Kate wants to add to their family by adopting herself. She has it in her head that this would be an amazing journey and that she'd make a great adoptive parent, but any child she adopts will have to be aware that she isn't perfect and that her temper has caused her to smack Journey twice during their time together. This is one way that she will for sure discover that she is not perfect.

2. Marry Josh Tanner If Josh can give up his addiction, Kate will marry him. If he can cut out his addiction to something other than her, divorce the drugs, and make himself available to her, she will marry him in a heartbeat. This is one of her life goals, that he get clean, that he divorce the things which stand in the way of her marrying him, and that she should be able to put a ring on his finger and move into his home with him so that they can raise their children together.

One Good Woman

1. Katelyn Yu In spite of her many flaws and the fact that she is far from perfect, Kate is a good woman. She's a lover who puts others before herself, is loyal to the underdog and who protects those who need it the most. She may not be perfect, but she is good, and that's the foundation of the person she is.


Kate has been with Josh Tanner for more than ten years now and after all these years, she is still in love with him. In spite of his flaws, in spite of the things that he's done to her and in spite of him putting his addiction ahead of her, she is in love with him as deeply as she's ever been. Now she's pregnant with his child and she is going to have to make the decision on whether or not she is going to keep her baby, and then if she is going to marry him at the end of all of this. It's her first pregnancy and she was using protection, so now Kate doesn't know what she's going to do going forward.

In Her Wake

Kate is a badass social worker. She is a defender of the weak who will go to bat for those people who can't take care of themselves, and she is very pro-child on the child protection spectrum. She does her best to put the needs of the child before the needs of the family and she has left a series of devastated families in her wake as a result of the way that she has handled her business. Though she is no longer a social worker and is currently working at Brook Haven, she still has a reputation among those whose lives she's damaged or whose families she's destroyed.

Watching Them Grow Up

Kate and Josh have been together for a while now, and Kate's had the pleasure of watching first his daughter, and now his son, grow into adults. Journey has become a remarkable young lady, and Kate could not be more proud of her stepdaughter. It makes her sad, but she's proud that the two of them get to work together to make sure that children who need them can find the best possible homes.

About Kate

Kate's only been in town for a few months and already she's left her mark on Trader's Bend. She's not the sort of person who fits in easily, and she's already developed a reputation for being an outspoken Korean-American woman with a big attitude and a lot of personality. She'll talk your ear off, she's bad at keeping secrets, and she's got a lot of opinions about a lot of things, none of which she bothers to hide.

With all of that, she has a huge heart and an especially soft spot for children who need someone to get them out of a mess or a bad situation. She's especially dedicated to helping LGBT youth who are struggling in bad home environments, but be warned: She can be judgmental and she has an opinion on everything: Most of all the way that you're treating your kids.

She's a former social worker with CPS and currently the Tenderfoot leader.


Kate is friendly and open, but sometimes too blunt. She's likely to have a very small group of friends in Trader's Bend, not because she's not worthy of friendships (though with her demeanor it's possible that she'll always have a tough time making them) but because she's new in town. The few people she is friends with will find her loyal to them and willing to teach them, but unwilling to put up with them abusing another person, particularly if that person is an underdog. Befriending her won't prevent her from challenging your parenting, and she's perhaps best suited to people who don't have children.


Totally already taken. Sorry gentlemen!


Once again, Kate hasn't been in town for long enough to make any solid enemies yet, but there's a possibility that she'll have a few before too long just because she works at Brook Haven. If you add in the fact that she has strong opinions about those people who oppose the program and specifically "her" kids, she's a walking recipe for making enemies. Combine that with the fact that she's in a committed, LTR with the town's new (mixed/black) chief of police and there are a lot of people who don't like having Josh in town!


Kate has two children -- or rather, her boyfriend has two children who she helps to take care of -- and she's an excellent mother to them. She's not currently looking to adopt any other children, but she is pregnant. She just doesn't know it yet!


In a lot of ways, this is the most important thing to Kate. The "other" people in her life are the kids who she's helping, both on the ranch and in town when there is a need for somebody to step in and point out when a parent could be doing better for their kids. She is loyal and dedicated to the kids she works with, affectionate and caring, and she always puts their needs before her own. They probably won't come before Josh and his kids, but they will always be a high priority!

First Impressions

Kate carries herself well and wears a lot of leather. She's a definite badass, and obviously confident. I don't want to cross her, but I think I'd like to get to know her, too.

Stranger Impressions

I don't like people like Ms. Yu. She's meddling and she gets too into people's business. The government doesn't belong having its nose in private homes. I wish she'd mind her own business.

Friendly Impressions

I wish Kate knew when to not say certain things. She's too blunt, and sometimes she hurts my feelings. Crazy how I don't think I could live without her. She's always there for me when I need her.

Familiar Impressions

Kate has bailed me out more times than I can count. I know that she'd do anything for me. Most people don't know the real Kate, but I do. She's the one who always comes running when I call.

Rival Impressions

Kate's too quick to act. She'd make it easier for me to do my job, except that she's so proud of everything that she does and so charismatic that she wins a lot of the notoriety. I wish she'd back down and be less of a bulldog.

Enemy Impressions

Kate's the sort of person who will ruin your life, then toss her hair and walk away like she's proud of what she did. She doesn't have a conscience. I don't understand how people let her get away with the way that she does things.

Authority Impressions

Kate's dedicated and a hard worker. She gets the job done and she does it fast without a lot of fuss. Most of the time she doesn't leave a lot of mess behind to clean up. I like that about her.

Coworker/Partner Impressions

Kate's not great about following rules, but for some reason the boss always seems to like her a lot. She's charismatic, that much is for sure, but I wish that she'd pay more attention to how she does things.

Lover Impressions

Kate saved my life. She's pulled me back from the brink more times than I can count and she's made sure that my kids still have a father. I love her, and I'm just disappointed that she feels like she can't live with me right now.


I'm not perfect, but I'm strong, and strong is the most important thing.

Post-Mortem Impressions

I thought Kate did a lot of good while she was alive, but now that she's gone its easier to see her mistakes because she's not here to defend them. I think she meant well, but I wish she'd thought more about how she affected other people.

Mun Impressions

Kate has a lot of growing (and growing up) to do. I don't like the way that she treats families and I want for her to resolve that issue before she goes to her grave as the woman who robbed kids from their mothers. But then, I'm not a huge fan of our foster care system, either.


First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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Joshua Tanner • Fiance

It seems now that Josh and Kate have been together for forever, but in reality it's only about ten years. She's stuck by him through some of the most trying times of his life, and he has stood by her in spite of her lousy reputation for being quick to make bad decisions, but slow to make better decisions. They love one another as much as it's possible for two people to love one another, and their relationship is firmly planted in mutual respect for one another.


Journey Tanner • Step-Daughter

Journey is Josh's adopted daughter, and Kate has been the acting parent to her for the past ten years or so. The two of them have a good relationship, but it was often Kate who laid down the law with Journey when she was younger, and that has caused them to build up a lot of respect for one another. Now Journey is working in a similar field to Kate, and Kate couldn't be more proud.

Brian Tanner • Stepson

Brian joined the family a couple of years ago, and he is Josh's adopted son. He's had a lot of struggles throughout his lifetime, and Kate has done her best to help support him. In spite of that, Brian has taken a path that she doesn't wish for him, and getting control has proven difficult. She loves him to death, but their relationship is rocky because she has been unable to help him the way that she would like.


First Last • Relationship

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Daily Martial Arts Practice

The only way to be excellent at something is to practice it constantly. Kate spends time every day practicing her Judo. She spends less time on Taekwondo. This helps to keep her body in shape and to keep her mentally on her game. It's one of the reasons that she has advanced as far as she has through the martial arts that she practices.

Nightly Check-In

Every night, Kate checks in with her stepdaughter to find out how her day was. She lives with Josh and Brian, so she sees them every day, but every night she calls Journey to make sure that she's doing well and to find out if she needs any help. It's important to her to maintain contact with the kids. Even if they aren't hers by birth, they are hers by choice, and she loves Journey enough to know how she's doing.

Important Reminders

Every night before bed, Kate notes down in her journal what is coming up the next day, and then puts sticky notes on her mirror to remind her of what she needs to address in priority every day. Given how early she wakes up to be on the ranch (especially on the days that the Tenderfoots serve breakfast), this is a good way for her to get her day started.


Biker Chick

Not many girls ride a Harley Davidson, but Kate does! She has two bikes: A Lowrider and a Softail. Those bikes are her non-human babies, and when she says she's "going riding" she probably means the bikes and not her horse. This probably gets confusing for some of her students, but she has a lot of fun with it!

Red and White

Kate has worked hard and reached the 6th dan of Judo, meaning that she has a red and white belt in this particular martial art. It's not something that a lot of people are familiar with, but she uses it to help her students to learn more about how to control their emotions using martial arts. It also gives them the power to defend themselves if anybody ever tries to hurt them again.

Lousy Reputation

Kate's a good woman, but she's not a perfect woman, and she's done some bad things. This has earned her a reputation for acting first and thinking later. In her case, this is because she has taken children out of homes that they didn't need to be removed from, and that she has subsequently defended her position in having done so.


Martial Arts

When Kate was young, she began practicing Martial Arts. She started in Judo, where she is a red and white belt (6th dan) and then moved on to Taekwondo, in which she has a black belt. She teaches her students some of her moves so that they can feel safe in the future if someone ever tries to hurt them again, but also so that they can learn mental and self control.

Jigsaw Puzzles

On the off chance that Kate has some down time, she enjoys spending it working on jigsaw puzzles. She does enjoy most types of puzzles, but these are her favorites, and she has occasionally framed the results to hang on her wall. It's not a popular hobby and it certainly doesn't make her "cool" but she enjoys the fact that it relaxes her.

Leather Working

Not only does Kate wear a lot of leather, but she enjoys working with it as a material, too. She's made a few of her own purses, but most of the work that she does is on the much smaller scale, such as producing belts, bracelets, and other small wearable items of that sort.


Riding • Skilled

Not horses, silly! Her Harley lowrider or her Harley softail. Those are her bikes, and those bikes are her babies. She's a skilled rider who does well on the road and who has even taught a riding class or two in order to help younger motorcyclists understand their responsibilities on the road.

Judo • 6th Dan

As previously mentioned, Kate has been learning Judo for a long time. Her philosophy is that she must never stop learning. She aspires to reach the 10th dan in Judo, though this is a near-impossible dream. To her knowledge, only one female has ever managed to make it that far.

Piano Playing • Proficient

Depending on who you ask, Kate is either no good at music at all or she is exceptional at it. Her mother pushed her to learn to play piano, and when Kate finally quit, it was devastating to her mother. She hated it though, the pressure to perform, and she hasn't played in many years.


Child Welfare

There's a reason that Kate went into social work: She has a passion for child welfare and she wants to believe that all children are safe. This has made her something of a zealot, and she's not always mindful of a family's situation when it comes to removing a child from a dangerous environment. This is a heavy issue for her.

Martial Arts

It probably doesn't need to be stated again. Kate feels that martial arts gives her a higher understanding of herself and that she is better able to control her mind and body through judo and taekwondo. She continues to study, believing that the master is always learning, and she has reached that rank in both arts.


Kate no longer plays, but she continues to love music; Rock and Roll in particular. It's her favorite genre and she often listens to it while she works, or while she rides. She has a passion for different bands, from the eighties to now, and she will share as much as possible with those who are interested in what she loves.

Key Plots

Not Everyone Can be Saved

I plan on putting this in as a request because I think that it's a good way to find some resolution for Kate.

As a social worker, Kate has separated many families and tossed kids into foster homes under the assumption that those foster homes will be better for the children who she has "rescued" from abusive parents. She has no regrets about having done this, as she is a zealous person who believes that her decisions were the best for the child. She's not a bad person, but she has always put the child before the family and has failed to see that sometimes the family is what's best for the child.

This has turned out to be a plot line that I've never been able to resolve. The story ought to arc rather than flatlining, and so I had an idea that a child Kate had separated from a loving family and placed into foster care might turn up on the ranch and bump into her. This would involve a confrontation, and a potential turning point for Kate's life.

It Builds Confidence

Kate would like to get together a group on the ranch and begin to teach Judo. She's particularly interested in the girls, but her main interest here is in dealing with students who have been interfered with sexually, so that she can help them to build their confidence in saying "no," teach them self-defense skills to help them to protect themselves if necessary in the future.

I'd be especially thrilled if this allowed her to bond with somebody. For the right student, she might be willing to consider adoption.

A Different Kind of Ride

It's embarrassing for her to admit, working on the ranch, but Kate hasn't had a lot of experience with riding horses. When she says she's "going to go for a ride" she's riding her Harley Davidson Softail or her Lowrider. The process of learning to ride is going to be somewhat amusing for her and I would find it interesting if one of her students either teaches her how to ride, or calls her out on something silly, like not knowing how to properly saddle her horse.

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Tara has been on the ranch since the moment she was born. She's known Brook Haven well before it was ever a safe haven for abused horses and kids that needed guidance. There isn't a piece of this land that she doesn't know or hasn't walked. She spent her life in this place, and she couldn't imagine it any differently.

When her father turned the ranch into what it is, and then when Logan took over it, she smiled and continued on. She never expected her dad to give her the ranch, not only was Logan older than her, but he was a living example of how the program worked.

More than anything, Tara wants to see Brook Haven thrive, and she knows that it can, but she doesn't want to have to play mediator to get it to. She wishes her brothers would get their shit together and figure it all out, because she's tired of translating. Even if she does understand what's going on, it doesn't make it any easier on her energy levels.

On top of everything else with the ranch, a new addition has joined them and this addition is one of Tara's biggest secrets. Grace Somers, her biological daughter who she allowed to be adopted by the girl's biological father and his wife. The fact that she's there, at all, has her concerned, but she doesn't even know how to bring it up with anyone.

And, if for any reason, she thought she could somehow continue to keep this secret, the only man who could blow the lid on the whole thing has shown up at the ranch looking to sponsor. She doesn't want Ethan Somers anywhere near the ranch, or her. So, not only does she have to figure out how to explain to her family (and her husband!) that she had a child, but that while she was pregnant with that child she had a relationship with the child's uncle and that he had been abusive of her -- and now he's at the ranch.

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Brook Haven
Tara & Kate
We've actually never plotted Kate and Tara before. For the most part I am getting a very neutral response from Tara, but upon a little bit of digging, I finally managed to figure it out!

So, what it is, is that Kate appears very put together (at least to Tara), so she's not the sort of person that she would typically be very attracted to, because she doesn't need to fix her. As much as Tara loves a project, she needs a relationship that isn't about her fixing something. I think that she might be a little nervous, at first, even if she doesn't show it on the outside, because despite all of Tara's efforts, and her ability to fix others, she is a bit of a mess.

I could see these two as friends, mostly because I can see each of them learning something from the other -- and considering they'll be working together, there'll be plenty of opportunities! Tara's super active and very present on the ranch.

Let me know if you have any solid thread ideas! I think it'd be fun to see these two interact. <3

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Kate & Nathaniel
This sounds like an interesting interaction. It would be particularly interesting to me for Nathaniel to have a conversation about religion relatively soon - possibly bringing up the idea of Nathaniel getting involved with organizing Jewish events at BHR - because his relationship with Judaism will change significantly, so they'd be able to have a very different follow-up conversation about it a few months later.

The child advocate idea is really interesting, but I'd like to wait on it, because it's such a good idea that it would be hard to justify Nathaniel not follow-up on it, and I'd like to give him some time before he does that.

I'm trying to think of a way to add something to the thread so they're not just talking. They're both new in town and like food...what if they ran into each other at a restaurant a couple towns over on their day off (say because it's known to be the best restaurant nearby)?

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Kate & Sam
TW: Mentions suicide. Failure. An antagonistic relationship. You want to see a pissy Sam? Because everything you mentioned about their relationship is how you get a pissy Sam. Sam is so adamantly against pursuing things he could feasibly do well, like manual labor, that he is aversive to them as a whole. He is both unwilling and uninterested in any other avenue in his life. Unfortunately all of his interests are related to learning and academic success. His stance is he’d rather die than settle for carpentry. His leaders, especially Kate, will see his stubborn side if they try and change his aspirations. He’ll see it as an attack of who he is as a person, and who he is at his core. And his initial reaction will be sardonically snap back at her telling her to go fix someone who wants her help. The more she punishes him with more chores or being reprimanded, the more he’ll give it straight back to her. And the more motivated he would be to prove her wrong. It’d be a negative feedback loop that’ll be fun to play with. At some point one of them will crack, obviously. Either she’ll need to open her eyes and recognize that he is so unilaterally focused on achieving academic success that literally everything else is secondary to accomplishing that. Or he’ll finally crack and become deeply depressed and confused as to who he is now that they’ve taken away the one thing he’s defined himself by. He’ll become an unmotivated puddle that counts down the minutes until he can finally go to sleep again. He’ll shut down from everyone, including his leaders. He’ll follow the orders he’s been given, take the medication he’s been prescribed, follow every step he needs to do in order graduate from the program, and then he’ll try and kill himself again. Because for Sam there is no in between. A couple of other things I’ll note. Sam is used to women being nurturing and encouraging and has never met one with perseverance that rivals his own. This is because the most prominent women in his life have been his own mother and his teachers. There will be some definite confusion as he tries to digest this change. Another thing I’ll note is that he isn’t in as good of shape as he thinks he is because of the smoking. He’s going to get destroyed in the obstacle course. Sounds like an excellent punishment for him. Also the easiest way to get him to comply with doing something, for when the stubborn side comes out, is punish him and his peers. The guilt will eat him alive. Sam is mad I told you that. And thread idea sounds good. We discussed it a tiny bit over cbox or discord, but I think I’ll take the opposite approach in their thread. During prep of the event, he’ll look to fix a table and display his manual labor skills?
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Griffin has been in foster care since he was six-years-old, and was referred to Brook Haven by his social worker. He's dealing with a lot of issues from his past, which particularly influences how he reacts to authority figures. He is energetic and extroverted and will probably get along fine with most others -- unless he doesn't, in which case he really, really won't!
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Griffin & Kate
Okay! First of all: thank you for all the wonderful thoughts and ideas! I'm super excited! [It's funny you say that about the groups, by the way! It was tricky trying to pin-point which one would suit Griffin best--so I'm glad you guys make the decision on that--and Wellwader was actually one of the ones I was considering for him at first; I eventually just kind of ended up picking three and leaving it in your guys' capable hands!]. Saying that, I read over Kate and Flynn's apps last night and I'm so, so excited that they're Griffin's group leaders -- it couldn't be more perfect, honestly! Kate and/or Flynn (especially Flynn) being hands-on would 100% set Griffin off, but I completely agree that it could lead to far more interesting dynamics -- and I'd be totally open for any plot-ideas/interactions involving that! Please do feel free to throw any ideas/thoughts/directions you had in mind my way though, because I really do love brainstorming and just tossing plot options back and forth! [And honestly it feels pretty unlikely to me that you could come up with anything I wouldn't like, or be interested in trying out, anyhow!]. In terms of specific ideas I had (and the reason I asked about whether the student cabins have bunk-beds!) is because all day I've been gripped by an idea which just wouldn't leave me alone! In Griffin's app I mention that his sleeping/bedroom routine is really important to him -- and all day I've been trying to decide whether Griffin would be a top-bunk or bottom-bunk kind of person. I don't really know why? It sounds really oddly-specific now I'm writing it out but it felt important and I after mulling it over, I do think could be an easy way of getting interactions with these two started. Essentially, it became clear that Griffin would hate top-bunks and bottom-bunks almost as much as each other. Every time I tried to just pick one, I kept thinking of all the reasons that he'd hate it -- and then I'd go for the other one, and there would be different (but equally compelling) reasons for why that would be worse! Eventually I decided he'd probably end up barely tolerating whichever bunk he's assigned to, and attempting to cope with getting hardly any sleep for his first few weeks. And so! He already hates being inside, and now he feels constricted in whichever bunk he's in, so what would Griffin do? He'd probably sneak out of the cabins and find somewhere to lay down outside until everyone else woke up. And he'd probably end up trying to cope on the little sleep he can get in the cabin, and finding somewhere to power-nap during the day. [All of this is interesting too, because he'll get very irritable with a lack of sleep, and that'll just make his reactions all the more magnified!]. To bring Kate into this -- well! Obviously my main question is whether she'd notice an empty bed at night, or catch him sneaking out, or see him sitting outside when everyone should be sleeping, or notice that he seems to be missing for parts of the day (where he'll probably have found somewhere to go and sleep)? And then, of course, what her response would be! Just an idea of how to at least potentially get them started! Let me know your thoughts and if you had any other ideas instead! <3
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