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Welcome to Brook Haven Ranch! We are a 18+ premium role playing community set in Trader's Bend, Montana. Our concept is the culmination of twenty years of plotting and planning. We feature a rich, developed program in which many troubled characters thrive. Our community is one of the best on jcink and we look forward to you becoming a part of it!
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Not every teenager has the benefit of growing up in a loving, happy home. Some are victims of abuse, neglect, a system that shuffles them from foster home to foster home. Brook Haven Ranch was established in 1995 as a refuge for abused and neglected horses -- and teenagers who needed a second chance in life and the opportunity to become something more than society expects of them.
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 A Beautiful Lie, 31 / Trailblazer / Phoebe Tonkin
eleanor noble
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Social Worker
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Sawyer Handleton
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Eleanor Noble
TW: death of parents, adoption, foster care, taxidermy


Full Name: Eleanor Grace Noble
Nickname/Alias: Ellie, Nel
Date of Birth: August 31st, 1986
Current Age: 31
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
User Group: Trailblazer
Sub-Group: Leader


Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138lbs
Scars or Marks: stretch marks on abdomen
Tattoos or Piercings pierced ears, pierced nostril, pierced septum (none worn while working)
Face Claim: phoebe tonkin


MBTI Type: infp
Likes: being with people, being alone, spending time with her family, her mother, her new relationship with her father, czechoslovakian wolfdogs, taxidermy, oddities, curiosities, living art, macabre art, exploration, the ocean, the lake, the ranch, the kiddos, her job, france, french language, french culture, being french, the city, combat boots, being at home, thunderstorms, cloudy days, being pregnant, scary movies
Dislikes: separation from her family, long periods of being alone, arguing with people, her old relationship with her father, working for long periods of time, not getting a break, dealing with discipline issues, hot weather, the coffee ban, not being able to drink coffee while pregnant, getting up too early in the morning, not being able to ride while pregnant, romcoms, dealing with death, ongoing grief, people who don't accept responsibility for their actions, physical pain, prejudiced people, victims
Strengths: outgoing, creative, generous, spirited, loving, affectionate, careful, precise, free-spirited, fearless
Weaknesses: disorganized, critical, stubborn, rueful, inattentive, disobedient, tactless, lonely, guilty, regretful
Fears: miscarriage, hate crimes, guns, robbery, loud noises, being mugged, spiders, high waves, being under water, breaking a leg
Aspirations: raise blythe and ryan into strong, powerful woman, carry a child to term


Love Language: quality time
Romantic Orientation: biromantic
Sexual Orientation: homoflexible
Relationship Status: married in a poly relationship with beau mclaughlin
Significant Other: sawyer handleton & beau mclaughlin


Career/Occupation: social worker
Education: master degree
Dream Job: master taxidermist
Home Town: paris, france
Religion: spiritual

Equestrian Life

Preferred Riding Style: english
Disciplines: dressage, endurance, english pleasure
Riding Strengths: soft hands, good seat, excellent posture
Riding Weaknesses: can be lazy, tires easily, currently pregnant

Broken Hearts Heal

You remember Paris the way that one might remember a dream, a city of lights and magic and memories that touch only the outer reaches of your mind, and only when you are sleepy and fading off into dream land. In those moments you still speak French, the words slipping off your tongue like philosophy and art and music. Your mother smiles when you tell her that you dream in the colors of the French flag, and she kisses your head and tells you that you have a wonderful imagination.

It is there, like feathers on the edges of your mind, tickling you to awareness, whenever you wake up in the morning with first light pouring through your East-facing window. You would touch it if you could, and those lights, the colors of the flag will burst into dozens of tiny prisms and scatter across your floor. The city inhabits your dreams, though in your waking hours you often think of the French countryside even now, the villages and towns and the cottages and you can see yourself a little girl skipping through them when you visited your grandparents in Provence.

You were little then, and life was easy. If there was ever any doubt that your parents loved you, it came in the form of giving you too much freedom to express yourself but wasn't that what the arts of Paris were all about anyway? Painting and drawing and getting your dresses dirty in the garden was a way of life, and your mother laughed and laughed when she saw you covered from head to toe in mud. Of course she did. You were her little artist.

Every story has a beginning, and this was yours. You were always an artist, always eager to try new things. Excitement ran in your veins even then, and though the light would fade for a few years, it never quite went out.

You were eight when the first change happened. Maman prepared you by packing your things for you, putting away your dresses and your toys and helping you feel secure with the move, the change. She spoke to you then, rapidly in French, that Papa had gotten a job in the state of Connecticut, and that the two of you were to go with him. It would be, as she put it, une aventure. At first you were excited. What child didn't crave adventure?

Only things changed too quickly. Things in New Haven were very different than they had been in Paris, and people spoke a new language, one that your father had taught you but with which you were not yet proficient. He presented you to his peers, his colleagues at the university where he worked, and they marveled at how impressive your French was. Oh! How many times you repeated that your French was good parce que j'habitais a la France! They found amusement in the way your voice rose in frustration, but your father always forgave you with a peck on your cheek.

It took four years for you to understand yourself in America. Papa worked for a University called Yale, where he taught French, but not the way that you had grown up learning French. He taught it the way that you had learned anglais.

This was a different place, and at first, you hated it. New Haven was nothing like the big city you'd come from, nor was it like the countryside of Provence. You hated living in Connecticut, you hated the University where your father told you "quelquefois tu vas etudier a l'universite de Yale!" and you hated the fact that your mother, who had once been so attentive in Paris, had new friends. A nobody in Paris society, her accent and her mannerisms made her popular with the professors who taught with your father, and she was swept up into the society of New Haven.

You were alone for the first time of your life at the age of twelve years old. A shy extrovert who craved time with people, the separation from your formerly attentive mother caused you to withdraw into yourself. You found a new fascination: Curiosities, Oddities, strange things that you found in the world. Perhaps it began when you found the skull of a dead bird, picked clean by bugs and other birds. You took it home and placed it on your bookshelf, where it called to you.

After that, you began to collect dead things. You'd find them in unusual places and take them home. You began to do some research, discovered that there was a way to strip the meat off of the bones of a dead animal, and you created the boxes, filled with dirt and tiny beetles that would do the work for you. When you found an animal dead on the side of the road, you donned gloves and you brought it home with you, buried it in your box, and dug it up two weeks later. If it wasn't clean, you buried it again, but it rarely took more than a month and you had all the bones, void of their connective tissues.

At first it was only the skulls that you saved, but then you learned about skeletal articulation, and you convinced your father to purchase you the wires that would allow you to piece the skeletons back together again. You craved friendships, needed time with people, but your workshop became your obsession, and he allowed you to build it. School provided you with a place to chat with other people, but at home you spent your time locked in your "cave" as your mother came to call it.

For three years, you buried yourself in that room. It was school, then the workshop, where you created beautiful, if eccentric, pieces of artwork. Your father admired you, your mother found you odd, but both of them encouraged your endeavors. If you could succeed at this, your father told you in English one day, you might make a wonderful veterinarian. You ignored him.

A week later, your parents attended a party. They wanted you to come. Your mother insisted that you come. You found their friends stuffy and dull, but your father pointed out that these were the people you needed to impress if you wanted to attend Yale. You told him that you didn't want to attend Yale and you slammed the door to your workshop in his face. Your mother shouted through the door, and you shouted back that you didn't want to go to some stuffy old party.

She called you "strange" and "macabre." They were the last words your mother ever spoke to you.

Your other and father were murdered as they left the party, killed for the money in their wallets -- or so everyone assumed. You never saw them alive after that argument, and you never stopped blaming yourself for their deaths.

With no family in the United States, you were placed into a foster home, where you screamed at the foster parents to leave you alone, brought "dead things" into the house, and you languished without access to the one thing that comforted you the most: Your taxidermy hobby. You stopped talking to people at school, and you began to get into fights. Long, drawn-out affairs that brought you home with black eyes. Your foster parents tried. They put up with a lot -- you know that looking back now -- but you were grieving the loss of your parents, and you blamed yourself. Somehow, in your fifteen-year-old mind, if you had been there, they would be alive.

It was your social worker who decided to send you to Montana. Yale had assured you of a full scholarship should you choose to return to New Haven. You were determined never to go back again, and you turned your back on Connecticut when you moved to Montana.

Montana was a big place. In many ways, Blue Lake was bigger than Paris, bigger than New Haven. You hated it at first. All that wide-open space made you nervous. It was a lie, a beautiful lie intended to draw you in and make you forget. Only the staff didn't make you forget. They didn't let you forget. They forced you to think about things you wanted to avoid. When you threw things, they put you somewhere safe and let you throw them. When you screamed, they took you somewhere safe and they let you scream. And they entrusted you with a horse. Un cheval of all things! When you found out, you laughed.

But they also let you take the skulls of the horses that died, had to be put down. They let you bury them and dig them up again, let you keep them as long as you didn't expose the other students to things that might terrify them. They even let you spend time with one of the volunteers, a pretty girl a year younger than you with the bluest eyes you'd ever seen. Sometimes, when the staff wasn't looking, the two of you kissed on the yard. Right under their noses. Looking back, you think that they let you.

And looking back, you realize that perhaps it was Tara Brook Thompson who had the most say. She and her husband adopted you. You were the first, fifteen years ago when you were sixteen and vulnerable and scared. Cam would come later, after you had graduated, and more recently... Well, a lot has passed in the interim, hasn't it?

Sawyer, the girl with the big blue eyes and the bold personality, she changed. Her belly began to swell at fifteen years old, and she became timid and shy. Someone had hurt her. You promised that you never would, that you'd never touch her, and you knew when you felt that baby move in her belly that you wanted to be part of her life. And when Sawyer arrived on the ranch one day after a three month absence with a newborn in a carrier, not quite sixteen herself, you doted on that baby, threw yourself into helping her, and convinced your adoptive parents to let her move in with you for a while until she could figure things out. "A while" turned out to be the next four years until you graduated the program.

You couldn't get married -- not right away.

It happened on a Friday. June 26th, 2015 to be exact. You'd waited long enough, and fourteen year-old Blythe and her father Beau Mclaughlin (along with his daughter Ryan) were your witnesses. He'd been living with you for the past four years before you married Sawyer, and the two of you -- over time -- had fallen in love with him. You share a bed, and Blythe doesn't seem to find your union unusual at all.

You work at Brook Haven now as a co-counselor for the Trailblazer group, and you see your parents every day at work. Sawyer and Beau work there too, each in different parts of the program. Sawyer works with the pregnant teens, and Beau teaches. You couldn't imagine a better life, but you always remind your students that they need to think about how their actions today affect the rest of their lives.


Ellie has been with her wife, Sawyer, since she was sixteen years old and Sawyer became pregnant with their daughter, Blythe. However, she is a five on the kinsey scale, which means that she has incidental relations with men when there is a strong enough attraction to the person. This attraction is almost never physical, though she finds Beau undeniably attractive, and she has fallen in love with her daughter's father over the years. The four of them currently live together in their cabin on the ranch and all three of them work on the ranch. Though their lifestyle is unusual, the owners of the ranch have supported them, especially as Ellie is an owner's daughter.

The three adults in the household take care of the home and all co-parent Blythe. It has its ups and downs and sometimes it's tough to get three people on the same page. Ellie is intimate with both Sawyer and Beau, though more often with Sawyer than with Beau due to her preference for girls.


Ellie has always wanted to carry a pregnancy, and though she has been a mother to Blythe since she was born fifteen years ago (when Ellie was sixteen), she has always wanted children of her own. Unable to get pregnant with Beau using conventional means, Ellie was implanted with two embryos -- one inseminated by Sawyer's brother, and one by Beau. One of the embryos split three times, leaving her with quadruplets. She has only just discovered that she's pregnant and is due in June. She does not yet know that she's carrying four babies.

This will slow her down as a group leader, but her co-leader was prepared for it in advance, and Ellie plans to stay as active with the kids as she possibly can. She's also having to take extra precautions with her hobbies to help her to avoid diseases that can affect the babies that she's carrying.

She is expecting three girls and a boy.

Improving Relationships

Ellie had a rough adolescence with her father, Keith. He was kind to her, but often chilly with her, and no matter how hard she tried the two of them never became especially close to one another. Both tried, but they were two very different people who never connected deeply, no matter how much Ellie wanted and needed her father to be as present for her as her mother was.

Fortunately, the two of them have recently begun to develop a closer relationship with one another, and Ellie has learned that she can lean on Keith when she needs him. Those rare occasions that somebody other than her, Sawyer, or Chaz needs to watch Bly, her father is an available option, comforting Ellie a great deal in their relationship with one another.

About Ellie

In a word, Ellie is eccentric. She has unusual hobbies (most notably taxidermy art) and she is obsessed with the culture of her homeland (France). When irritated she often spouts off in French about things that annoy her, and she talks about Paris like it's another plane of existence. She can be pushy, blunt (no filter at all, really), and obnoxious. She is also lovable, spirited, and affectionate with the people she cares about, and she can be stern with her students when she feels that they need to have a good lesson.

Ellie believes that the choices that we make have far-reaching consequences, and she is a strong advocate of teaching the butterfly effect. For this reason, she blames herself for her parents' deaths. If she'd just been there with them, they might not have died that night. If she'd chosen to attend the party, they might have left earlier or later, and not encountered their mugger/murderer. This is something she passes on to her Trailblazer Students.

She is also newly pregnant, and doesn't know yet that she's expecting quadruplets. Ellie was impregnated via in-vitro fertilization, and she was implanted with two embryos, one fertilized by her boyfriend, and one by her wife's brother. She'll be slowing down for that reason, and she can't currently ride, but she plans to keep up with her group as much as possible.


There are a couple of things that you need to know about Ellie. First, that she's outgoing. She's good about introducing herself to people, though she doesn't always initiate social contact with other people. She's social and enjoys talking to people. She'll light up like a Christmas tree if you ask her about her art work and she will love talking about the skeletal anatomy of the various different animals (mammals, birds, and reptiles) that she articulates.

Of course some people are going to find this weird, and that is one of the things that indicates she probably won't wind up having a whole lot of friends. The fact that she's an oddity herself makes it hard for Ellie to befriend a lot of people, and those people she does become friends with will probably share an interest in biology (specifically entomology) or in art work of various forms (but generally oil painting, sculpture, or of course taxidermy). She is also interested in water polo, dressage (though not while pregnant), and her Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, who are definitely attention-getting and might cause people to stop and inquire about them.

Ellie can be a good friend to the right person, but she prefers to keep a fairly close circle of close friends, and then a wider circle of acquaintances whose company she enjoys. Not a user, but someone who won't stick around with people who don't benefit her in some way or another -- or at least respect her for all of her weirdness and eccentricity -- she has to know that the people in her life care as much about her as she does them, and therefore most of her friends will be members of her rather extensive family.


Ellie is a sharp-tongued enemy who knows how to give a tongue lashing, but she's not the sort to talk behind your back, so know up front that if you make an enemy out of her, you're going to find that she will tell you straight how she feels about you (but she objects to the word "straight" used in this context). It will be easy for her to make enemies given that she's a lesbian in a polyamorous relationship that involves a man, and that the man is the father of her wife's baby, and that she's married and their daughter lives with them.

Moreover, she's pregnant, and will be heavily pregnant before too long. Some people will believe that she has no business raising a child (or children in this case) in a lesbian relationship. This is Blue Lake, after all.

Finally, she's the daughter of one of the ranch's owners, which means that she is constantly under fire because of her involvement with the ranch. No doubt some people will hate her because of that.

Ellie is a married polyamorous lesbian in a relationship with her wife and the father of her wife's child. She doesn't need more romance in her life, but thanks!

First Impressions

When people first meet Ellie, most of them find her pleasant, amiable, and sweet. She has a good spirit that is quite obvious even on first contact. She is pretty, smiles often, and speaks respectfully to everybody she meets. Those who look closely on first meeting, however, may find her odd right from the start. From her jewelry to the clothes that she wears, there's just something different about Ellie.

Stranger Impressions

Strangers are likely to wrinkle their noses at her reputation. If not something that people pick up when they first meet her, most people realize that Ellie's strange. When it gets to the point that her name comes up in a paper or even a yearbook, she already has a reputation. Therefore strangers who have encountered her name probably ask themselves "but how can she do that?"

Friendly Impressions

Friends enjoy Ellie's honesty, and her view of the world. She sees things that a lot of other people don't see, and this means that when she is honest, her honesty is also generally kind. She's the sort of person who is happy to hold her friends through their worst moments, but who can also tell them why they are suffering and what they need to do to fix it.

Familiar Impressions

Ellie gets mixed reviews from her family. Her father finds her stubborn and unyielding. Her mother finds her to be heartbroken and eager to please. Her brothers find her annoying. Her children appreciate that she is the one who balances their other two parents and makes things make sense for them.

Rival Impressions

For the most part, Ellie avoids rivals. She's not competitive and though she sometimes enters her art in shows, she's not interested in rivalry. For those who do find themselves in competition with her, they find that Ellie is the sort of person who will root for everybody to win, and she is a highly supportive rival.

Enemy Impressions

Enemies will find that Ellie backs down quickly and refuses to engage in arguments with them. She's the sort to duck her head and avoid eye contact when she's confronted. Real enemies likely find her to be weak. They are likely enemies in the first place because she is such a geek/nerd.

Authority Impressions

Ellie is steady and reliable, if a bit of a dreamer. Sometimes she becomes distracted, and occasionally she turns into her own head, but authorities generally like her. They might find it difficult to dismiss her if it becomes necessary because she is so sweet and kind, but they might also not find that she is the best employee.

Coworker/Partner Impressions

People who work with Ellie often find that she is able to get results when they are not able to get results. For some, this makes them impressed with her. For others, it makes them frustrated that in spite of her introversion, she's good at getting results where they can't (putting them at risk of dismissal).

Lover Impressions

Ellie is stable and loving. She takes time out of whatever else she's doing to make time for Sawyer and Beau. She's gentle, affectionate, and enjoys her quality time with the people she loves. When she's with her lover or lovers, she is devoted to them and focuses her attention entirely on them.


Ellie has always felt like she was a person who could be doing so much more with her life. She has no sense at all of how much she has accomplished and continues to accomplish. A lot of the time she views herself as a failure due to her difficulty in becoming pregnant without medical intervention.

Post-Mortem Impressions

Isn't this what Ellie wanted? She lived her life with the dead, focused on her deceased first parents, working with the corpses of animals that she'd found dead and returning them to a state of apparent life. Death seems fitting for someone who lived in such a morbid state throughout most of her life.

Mun Impressions

Ellie is one of my favorite people. She's amazing, dynamic, and constantly changing. She's a lot more vibrant than most people realize, especially for someone so macabre and morbid. I adore this woman, and I think that she's going to be a great fit for Brook Haven Ranch. Also, this is the appropriate time for me to express that I used a pregnancy generator to generate her pregnancy, which is how she wound up pregnant with quads!


Kyle Handleton • Brother in Law

I'm grateful to Kyle for standing up for Sawyer when their parents were cruel to her after she became pregnant, and I'm glad that he helped her to get out to Brook Haven when he did. She wasn't able to work through the program but my parents helped her out as much as they could, and he's a good man. I respect him a lot for everything he's done -- including allowing us to inseminate one of our embryos with his sperm, so the baby will be both mine and Sawyer's. Let's just hope it takes!

Keely Hays • Sister in Law

Keely's a doll. Her baking is almost as good as Mom's is, and I think it's fantastic the way that she's helped her husband take care of his daughter. I know I did it with Blythe, but I'm still always impressed the way that other people handle their stepchildren. Most of all, I think it's remarkable that she's such a great stay at home mom, and I wish that I could do the same thing. Maybe after my baby's born, I can.

First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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Sawyer Handleton • Wife

I've been in love with Sawyer since I was sixteen years old and I first felt that baby roll in her belly. I'd always known that I was a lesbian but I'd never met someone before who made me feel so alive. People tell me that I'm a dead thing myself (or at least they used to), but Sawyer brought me to life again after my parents died. She's the most important thing in the world to me and nobody has ever treated me with more respect and more kindness than she does. She's the one person I know would sink a ship or move a mountain for me and i love her for that. I'd do the same for her.

Beau McLaughlin • Boyfriend

I never thought I'd grow to like Beau, let alone to love him. When we first met I hated him for getting Sawyer pregnant, but he's stepped up with Bly, who's been mine for longer than she's been his, at least in a way. Now that he's been living with us for the past few years I couldn't imagine my life any other way, and I love him as well. Sex with him isn't the same as it is with Sawyer, but I enjoy it after a fashion. It took me a while to warm up to him that way, too. Now I'm carrying his child (or at least I hope there are two, one of his and one of Sawyer's).


First Last • Relationship

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Keith Thompson • Father

When I was younger, my relationship with Dad was really rocky. I didn't understand him, and let's be real, he didn't understand me, either. I was the first kid he adopted -- his first kid really -- and when I was younger I thought that he didn't want me in the family. I was distraction to Mom, I had a lot of issues with my temper, and everybody thought I was weird. He tried to support me, but we used to fight a lot when I was younger. It's gotten better as I've gotten older though. I need him less, and he doesn't have to work as hard to be there for me, I guess. Sometimes I just wish it had been better when I was younger though, that he could have supported and defended me more. Dad has my back now though, and I guess that's what really matters.

Tara Thompson • Mother

Mom's the one who decided to adopt me. I guess she's the one who decided to adopt all of us, really. She's been my rock, the person who grabbed me and pulled me back from the edge when I nearly jumped off the cliff. She's the one who told me that it was okay to grieve, that it was alright to feel guilty, and that my hobbies weren't weird (even if they are). She's the one who made me feel like I was somebody again after what happened to my biological parents, and she's the person who helped me to understand that I mattered. She's also the one who took Sawyer in when she needed somewhere to go, and she helped to encourage her to keep her baby in spite of her parents' protests that she give it up for adoption. Mom's a smart woman, and she's been through a lot. I just wish she'd be honest with Dad.

Sara Thompson • Grandmother

When my parents died, I lost my provincial grandmother as well. I guess in a way I wasn't French any more, and Grandma taught me how to be Mexican, instead. Looking back on it, I have to laugh. I must have been a deer in the headlights back then, looking at her like she'd lost her mind! But she wasn't Mexican either: That was Papa, and he taught me, too. Now I love Mexican food almost as much as I love French cooking. She's one of the people who was the most supportive of me throughout the years. She's never criticized me for being a lesbian, came to my wedding, and has encouraged me as a mother to Blythe. I love her to death.

MIguel Thompson • Grandfather

Before Papa, I never had a grandfather. I never knew what to expect from him -- sometimes still don't. But he's patient with my Franish, and he treats me with a lot of respect. He's one of the people who has always stood by my choices and who has helped me to become a better person. When I fought with Dad growing up, he was the one who helped me to pick the pieces back up, especially when I'd gotten into trouble over something that I thought was stupid. Unlike the program, he allowed me to make excuses for my behavior, and though that didn't help me to learn personal responsibility, it did help to alleviate some of my guilt over what happened to my biological parents.

Cade Thompson • Brother

Cade's a sweet kid -- most of the time -- but damn does he ever take after Dad. They've got a lot of the same personality traits, only Cade talks a lot more than Dad does. A lot more. He's always got something to say about everything, including my choices, and Mom and Dad's choices. But he's got a great heart, and I'm so proud of him for choosing to marry Grace (even if it's awkward because she's Mom's biological daughter, but he doesn't know that). It's good to see him growing up so well. I'm proud of him.

Everett Jeffries • Brother

Things are difficult with Everett. I mean they're tough for Everett as well and I don't blame him. If I'd found out that my biological father worked on the ranch where I'd been assigned, I'd be pretty freaked out myself. He's a good kid, but really troubled, if you know what I mean. He's got a lot of problems that he needs to work out and I worry about him around Blythe sometimes. Sometimes he acts out and he can get violent, so I try to be careful with him around my kids -- not just Bly, but the kids in the Trailblazers as well. It just worries me that he'll do something he can't take back. Then I worry that I'll do something I can't take back.


First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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First Last • Relationship

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Eyes on the Ground • Collecting

Ellie's art involves collecting found things from nature, and so she walks with her eyes on the ground to make sure that she spots anything that might be of use to her, whether it's bits of moss of the skull or skeleton of a dead animal. Her eyes are nearly always on the ground, which means that she sometimes bumps into people.

Little Things • Love/Relationships

Ellie never allows a day to go by without telling the people that she loves that she loves them. She will stop by her parents' house to give them hugs and tell them that she loves them, she will call if she has to, and she will seek her siblings out if she can't find them at home and make sure that she tells them every day that she loves them. It's important to her because you never know when the last time is you're going to see somebody.

Write this Down • Journaling

Because of her experience of loss at such an early age, Ellie has learned to write everything down so that she can keep a record of the things that have happened to her in her life. Like a lot of people who keep regular journals, she keeps them on a shelf in the bedroom she shares with Sawyer and Chaz, and the one time she caught Bly with one of her journals, she sent her daughter out running for an hour until she was exhausted. It hasn't happened since.

Morning Run • Physical

Before she started trying to get pregnant, Ellie put on her running shoes every morning and went for a morning run to kick-start her day. She loved doing it as the sun came up over the the horizon, but most of all she enjoys running by the lake shore. This is something she's recently had to stop, and she misses it already. But it's for the good of the babies!


Oddities • Artistic

Though as much an interest as it is a quirk, Ellie loves oddities and she enjoys collecting all things related to them. Her home is decorated with her collection, which includes preserved animals in jars, skulls and articulated skeletons. This is definitely something that could be defined as a "quirk" given that some of those skulls are human!

Pony Tails • Grooming

Most days Ellie can't be bothered to do much with her hair, so she typically pulls her hair up into a pony tail and ties it there, then leaves it for the rest of the day. She's not particularly fashion-conscious and so this is what makes her the most comfortable. It's how she chooses to live her life, without worrying about what other people think of her.

Boots of a Style • Fashion

Ellie always wears boots. Whether they are hiking boots, riding boots, or combat boots, they are all she wears unless she's running (in which case she wears running shoes. Inside her boots -- or when she's not wearing boots or shoes at all -- she wears thick, wool, hand-knit socks that come from the Somerses at the Farmer's Market.

Franglish • Language

Ellie's English is perfect -- she's Yale educated after all -- but she still sometimes lapses into Franglish when she's frustrated, but most of all when she's angry. The angrier she is, the more likely she is to spout off in French without the mixture of English combined into it, much to the frustration of those who love her.


Taxidermy • Artistic

Ellie uses taxidermy and skeletal articulation as a way to express herself. Educated as an artist in an Art Theory program at Yale, she uses things that she finds in nature -- yes, including the bones of dead animals -- and uses them to create works of art. You can find some examples of the types of art she creates on her Inspo Board.

Dressage • Equestrian

When she's not pregnant, Ellie is an avid reiner, and she loves her horses. She's been competitor since she first arrived at Brook Haven and dressage is her favorite equestrian sport. One of the great reliefs of her lifetime was being able to leave her horses with her parents while she went off to make good on her Yale scholarship.

Museum Hopping • Cultural

Ellie loves museums. Perhaps this is because she lived in Paris and had access to Le Louvre but she enjoys visiting different museums, and in particular enjoying seeing the work of local artists. It's one of her favorite things to do, and she'd love to be displayed locally -- if only the locals didn't find her ridiculously weird.

Reading • Literature

In spite of her extroverted nature, Ellie loves to read. Her favorite genre is historical fiction, and she can get lost in a good book and not come out for hours at a time. When she's at the height of her reading, she can get through a book a day, and she generally has one on the bedside table.


Taxidermy • Skilled

Though particularly skilled at skeletal articulation, even with smaller skeletons, Ellie can handle any kind of taxidermy, whether it's skeletons or full body preservation. Her sculptures are very artistic and she tries to keep them beautiful and tasteful rather than creepy or disgusting. Mostly she succeeds.

Oil Painting • Proficient

Though not something which Ellie would consider a personal hobby, she's good at oil painting and it's something that she's asked to do commissions for. It's not her favorite thing to do, but it's something that she's considered skilled at.

Collecting • Proficient

A strange skill, perhaps, but Ellie is good at finding things that have some intrinsic value. In particular she finds bits of nature to take home and turn into her sculptures, but she is also skilled at determining what has value and what does not.


Oddities • WTF

Ellie is a huge fan of anything that is WTF (weird true freaky). She loves oddities, devoured the television show while it was airing, and goes out of her way to find odd things that she can bring home and set up in her office at the house (since Bly asks that she not decorate the whole house in such an antisocial way).

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs • Animals

Though she's never bred them (but considered it), Ellie has an interest in these dogs. They aren't the first breed that she's owned, but they have become one of her favorites, and she loves the dogs that she takes care of. It was a decision between having a baby of her own or breeding, and she chose pregnancy. Maybe in the future, she'll breed.

Water Polo • Sport

Ellie has never played water polo, but she is obsessed with the sport and watches matches on television whenever she possibly can. This obsession seems unhealthy even to her, but it's something that she enjoys watching and following!

Desired Plots

Teaching Taxidermy • Work

Ellie would like to take a student under her wing and use her specific brand of art to teach some core values. She's specifically interested in doing this with her new sister Juli, who she believes could use some thinking time. Since Ellie can't think of any better thinking time, this is what she would like to do to help Juli figure her life out.

Getting it Right in Retrospect • Family

When she was growing up, Keith never stood for her. It wasn't that he couldn't, or maybe even that he didn't want to, but he always seemed chilly toward Ellie. Their relationship has improved, but I would enjoy a plot in which he has the opportunity to stand for her or to provide real comfort for her and does it.

Child of my Heart

With Sawyer's (and Beau's) permission, Ellie would like to adopt one child. She'd like to adopt from the Brook Haven program and to take on a kid who needs somebody the most. She believes that all kids deserve a chance and that no child is ever unlovable. She might be convinced to take on a sibling pair if they were right for her family and get along with Blythe.

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Eleanor & Emily
For a lot of reasons, Emily's going to be pretty jealous of Eleanor, but most of all because Eleanor's out and has a family, while Emily doesn't. But the reasons why probably aren't obvious to Eleanor, so it might seem like Emily is just hostile to her for no reason. (Or Eleanor might even realize it's partially because of her sexuality but misunderstand it as homophobia.)

My first thought for how that conflict might come out is if the two of them end up near each other at an event - say, where they're both involved with setting up for one of the Easter events. Emily would get snarky about any minor thing she disagreed with about what Eleanor was doing, and since it doesn't sound like Eleanor would put up with that quietly, the argument might escalate.

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Ever & EllieHaving someone who will push her and bring her out of her comfort zone isn't necessarily bad in the long run but Everleigh has a lot of anxiety right now, especially about following all the rules, being where she needs to be on time and on the right day and just generally getting acquainted with life at the ranch. She's easily overwhelmed at the moment and I think that Ellie (and probably other instructors/leaders) will stress her out only because of her high anxiety level right now.I see Ever as maybe trying too hard to do everything right. As much as she doesn't like standing out and being in for forefront as far as attention, she hates doing anything wrong even more. Ever will talk to anyone who talks to her. She'll interact when she needs to but won't go out of her way to approach anyone that she's not already familiar/friendly with. If she was encouraged to talk with someone then she probably would open up slowly. Someone wanting to talk to her and interact with her would probably make her feel good, actually. Yeah, she would become more talkative the more she was encouraged.I'm perfectly fine with someone pushing Ever and bringing her our of her comfort zone. She'll need to come out of her shell anyway so she might as well get used to it. Hit me back!
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